Tornado Ball

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Tornado Ball
Tornado Pitch.PNG
Used by Luigi
Type Star Pitch
Appears in Mario Super Sluggers

Tornado Ball is Luigi's Star Pitch in Mario Super Sluggers. Similar to his Star Swing, Luigi performs successive spins, a green tornado forming as a result, and releases the ball in that tornado. The pitch then swerves toward home plate, embodied in the tornado, in a zig-zag pattern, coming in sharply when it reaches the plate. The key to overcoming this Star Pitch as a batter, is to either take it, if there are less than 2 strikes, or to wait until the last possible moment before it crosses the plate to swing. If Star Power is available, the player should use another Captain's Star Swing, as they can swing without much timing needed. If a Captain is not up to bat, then the player should use that Team Player's Star Swing to reinforce the contact, if made. When this pitch is hit, it can be driven quite far, and does not lower a batter's power as other Star Pitches do.