Blooper Baserun

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Blooper Baserun, from Mario Super Sluggers.
Blooper Baserun

Blooper Baserun is a minigame from the game Mario Super Sluggers. It is held on the Daisy Cruiser court.

Players compete to try to collect the most coins within 60 seconds. However, they have to avoid Gooper Blooper's tentacles during the process. Coins, money bags, and treasure chests give the player a certain number of points. A Super Star also appears at times. The player can grab it to turn invincible temporarily. They can also steal points from opposing players at that time.

After about 30 seconds have passed, Gooper Blooper will do a spin attack. Before it occurs, there's a scenario in which the player has to hit the button shown on the screen. If the player hits the button on time, they will dodge the attack. Otherwise, they will be stunned by the attack. After Gooper Blooper attacks, he'll be immobile for awhile.

As the player advances through difficulty levels, the opponents also become more difficult.


The motion aspect of the Wii Remote control is not used in this minigame.

  • Wii Remote + Nunchuk: Press A to go forward. Press B to go backward. The player can also stop just by pressing the opposite button.
  • Wii Remote (on its side): Press 1 to go forward. Press 2 to go backward. The player can also stop just by pressing the opposite button.

Special Mode[edit]

After the player clears all three difficulty levels, they can play Special Mode, where the player tries to earn the most possible points within 60 seconds.


  • There is an error in the controls where it says "Press 1" to run backwards and "Press 2" to run backwards, although the player runs forward with the 1 button.