Daisy Cruiser (baseball stadium)

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Baby Peach up to bat on the cruiser in Mario Super Sluggers.

Daisy Cruiser is a baseball field in Mario Super Sluggers, heavily based on the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! course of the same name. During the daytime, dining tables similar to the previous iteration reappear across the outfield, and they break when the ball is hit or thrown at them. If a fielder makes a sliding catch into a table, they will get stunned temporarily. At night, the tables are removed and Cheep Cheeps bounce around the outfield. At around the midpoint of a nighttime game, Gooper Blooper surfaces and leans on one side of the ship, tilting the entire field. A notable feature of this stadium is its short walls, which make it easy for players to get a ground rule double. Daisy Cruiser's minigame, Blooper Baserun, involves players running around the baseball diamond to collect coins while avoiding Gooper Blooper's tentacle attacks, bearing similarity to Chain Chomp Sprint from Mario Superstar Baseball.

Daisy Cruiser retains its theming from its previous iteration, but is notably much larger, containing many new floors and structures. The docking area for the cruiser in the Baseball Kingdom includes a lighthouse, which is very similar to the lighthouse seen at the Daisy Circuit from Mario Kart Wii. The dock also includes a canopy walkway at the entrance. Two Daisy statues (the same statue that Daisy is transformed into during Challenge Mode) are found near the playing field of the Cruiser. A figurehead in the shape of Daisy can be seen on the bow of the cruiser. In the ending cutscene of Challenge Mode, Daisy Cruiser is where the cast feasts to celebrates their victory.

This locale is the only unlockable baseball field in Mario Super Sluggers that can be played in both day and night. Additionally, it is the location of the Secret Shop in Challenge Mode, which can only be accessed at night with the Secret Shop Pass.


Stage select[edit]

  • "A field on the deck of a cruise ship."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デイジーシップ
Deijī Shippu
Daisy Ship