Gem Catch

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Multiplayer Gem Catch
Solo Gem Catch
Multiplayer Gem Catch
Multiplayer Gem Catch

Gem Catch is a minigame in Mario Super Sluggers. It takes place in the Wario City stadium.

The object is to catch gems such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. Diamonds are special because the player has to catch them by using a home run buddy catch, unlike the other gems. Although simple in concept, there is a catch: items are being thrown at the player while trying to catch the gem, and if the player gets hit, they fail the catch. The Shy Guy in this minigame that helps players with buddy jumps shows good chemistry with all characters including ones it normally has bad chemistry with like Yoshi, not just the characters Shy Guy normally shows good chemistry with.

This minigame only takes place in daytime, not at night.