Star Dash

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This article is about the minigame in Mario Superstar Baseball. For the horse racing technique in Mario Sports Superstars, see Star Dash (technique).
Star Dash in Mario Superstar Baseball
Players participating in Star Dash.

Star Dash is an unlockable minigame that is used in Mario Superstar Baseball. It is set in the Bowser Castle stadium, and is a four-player Minigame, however only one has to be Human. The players must scramble to collect all the Coins that are shot out of a tube. The player with the most coins in the end, wins. Stars will occasionally shoot out, and will make anyone who touches them invincible. It will also make them slightly faster. Mushroom's will also occasionally be shot out. This will make the player run faster, which will allow them to collect more coins. There are also many Thwomp's hanging over the field, and they will fall down on occasion to squash one of the players. Bowser laughs when a player gets hit by a Thwomp. It is the only Minigame that cannot be played in Challenge Mode. In the first three difficulties and in multiplayer, the time limit is 60 seconds, while in Special Mode in single player, the time limit is 90 seconds.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターダッシュ
Sutā Dasshu
Star Dash