Egg Ball

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Egg Ball
Egg Ball
Yoshi uses Egg Ball while Daisy is batting in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Egg Ball is the name of the Special Ball that Yoshi uses in Mario Superstar Baseball. The player must obtain the Egg Power-Up in Challenge Mode of Mario Superstar Baseball before being able to use this move.

While pitching, Yoshi throws the ball and it will bounce on one side of the ground, and then bounce farther to the other side as it passes the batter. This can trick the batter, as the ball quickly bounces from one side to the other.

If Yoshi is batting, the ball will be shot to the infield, and will bounce around the area. It works just like Birdo's Weird Ball, except the Egg Ball has green spots rather than pink spots, and bounces more close to the infield.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴボール
Tamago Bōru
Egg Ball