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This is a list of quotes from Game & Wario.


  • "Not until you finish your homework."
  • "Go. To. Bed."


  • "I'm 9-Volt! Can you play video games AND avoid my mom's evil stare? I made this game to show everyone how annoying she is!"
  • "Yes, ma'am!"
  • "Finished!"
  • "Game on!"
  • "I'm getting sleepy..."
  • "That was awesome! By the way, my mom isn't this scary in real life. She's pretty cool most of the time."


  • "Yes, ma'am!"
  • "Finished!"

Ashley & Red[edit]


  • "Whatever..."
  • "That's so cool!"
  • "Red!"
  • "Red, cut it out or I'm leaving you behind!"


  • "Hello there! I'm Red. This is a side-scrolling action game starring my best friend, Ashley, who flies around on her magic broom. It's great fun, right, Ashley?"
  • "Yes?"
  • "The spell worked!"
  • "I mean..."
  • "Erm..."
  • "OK, let's just go."
  • "Everything looks so tasty. I love it here!"

Dribble & Spitz[edit]

  • "Swerve, steer and...shoot UFOs?! Oh, just another day in the life of us cabbies, Dribble and Spitz!"


  • "Not a soul for miles..."
  • "Hey!"
  • "A customer!"
  • "Huh?!"
  • "Yes, sir!"
  • "I wasn't paying attention to where we were going. What is this place?"


  • "Follow that UFO!"

Dr. Crygor[edit]

  • "Good day! Are you interested in robot design? Put your drawing skills to work for me, the great Dr. Crygor!"
  • "Ah, you must be my new assistant, [player's name]."
  • "Is this your first time designing robots? Don't worry, there's nothing to it!"
  • "All you have to do is follow my instructions and draw perfect lines!"
  • "If you score 300 points or more, you'll be recognized as a robot designer."
  • "All right, now take out the stylus!"
  • "Close...and the line's tidy!"
  • "Close...and it's a neat circle!"
  • "Too small...but it's a neat triangle!"
  • "Close..."
  • "This is truly a fine effort. I'm almost impressed!"
  • "With a little training, I think you could be a master robot designer. How'd you like to be my full-time apprentice?"

Editor Joe[edit]

  • "It's a scoop!"
  • "Get to the scene!"
  • "Hey, Mona! I trust you made it to the stake-out location already."
  • "Several criminal suspects are rumored to be in the area."
  • "I need you to get a photo of each of them."
  • "OK, we don't have time to waste. Get to the window!"
  • "There are 5 suspects, and you only have 3 minutes to take their photos."
  • "Try to get good clear shots of their faces centered in the frame."
  • "Don't lose track of how much film you have left. You've only got one roll!"
  • "Oh, and I'll give you a bonus if you get a good shot of this rare creature."
  • "All right! I'm counting on you to get me those photos. Do your best!"
  • "Send your photo to me!"
  • "Perfect!"
  • "Great! It looks like you got a photo of everyone we were looking for."
  • "Tap Done when you're ready to end this assignment."
  • "But feel free to continue taking photos if you wish."
  • "I can't wait to see tomorrow's paper!"
  • "What a front page!"

Jimmy T[edit]

  • "Yo, it's Jimmy! I made a super-cool skiing game starring yours truly. It's an ice-cold combination of old-school style and future-fresh gameplay. Oh, yeah! You're gonna dig it."
  • "That's some ice-cold hotness! Skiing solo is groovy and all, but I think I'm ready for a little company."

Kat & Ana[edit]

  • "Hey, it's Kat and Ana! We love arts and crafts, so we made a puzzle game about sewing patches together! We worked really hard on it, so promise us you'll play it a lot, OK?"
  • "Do you like our game? If it's too easy, don't worry. We've got many more puzzles, and they only get tougher!"


  • "Welcome to PATCHWORK!"
  • "Hey, Kat! PATCHWORK is a super-fun, super-cute puzzle game!"
  • "You arrange puzzles on pattern paper to stitch together patchwork puzzles!"
  • "Thanks! These things are patches."
  • "And this is how you play with them."
  • "Touch whichever patch you like to grab it."
  • "Then, look for the place on the pattern paper that matches its shape."
  • "For example, this patch...goes right here!"
  • "It's OK if a patch crosses other lines if it fits within an outline!"
  • "Just take the patch you are holding and slide it over."
  • "If you release it in the correct spot, it will stitch into place!"
  • "Got it?"
  • "OK! Let's do a practice patch!"
  • "That's it!"
  • "The puzzle is complete when all of the patches are stitched into place!"
  • "Don't worry, Sis! If you can't find the right spot, you can always use...the Hint button!"
  • "It will reveal the general area where the patch you're holding should go!"
  • "The patch you're holding fits somewhere in this area."
  • "By the way, you can use the Hint button as much as you like, but..."
  • "30 seconds is added to your time whenever you use it."
  • "Keep this in mind if you're trying to solve the puzzles as fast as possible."
  • "That's it for my tutorial!"
  • "Go ahead and place the rest of the patches!"
  • "That's it for practice. The next puzzle will be the real deal!"
  • "OK, the puzzle is ready!"
  • "That's it for now."
  • "But there are lots more puzzles to solve, so come back soon!"


  • "Welcome!"
  • "Hey, Ana! So what kind of game is PATCHWORK?"
  • "Patches?"
  • "Wow, Ana! You're so cool!"
  • "Wow, that sounds fun! I wanna try!"
  • "Hmm, where does this patch go?"
  • "Um..."
  • "I can't figure it out!"
  • "Sweet! The Hint button sounds really useful! I'll give it a try."
  • "Hmm, somewhere here..."
  • "Oh, I see it! It goes right here!"
  • "Woo hoo! I did it!"
  • "You can do it!"
  • "Yay! It's finished!"
  • "Go for it!"
  • "You did it! Great job!"


  • "Hi, I'm Mona! I got a cool new camera and have been taking tons of photos lately. I like it so much that I decided to make a camera game! Take your best shots and go for the big scoop!"
  • "I'm on it!"
  • "What a scoop! Now, for your next assignment, how about photographing some famous stars?"

Reporter John[edit]

  • "Hello! Today is the big launch of a brand-new way to play video games."
  • "With a TV and a controller, you use two screens to play."
  • "Wow!"
  • "This system is as cool as it gets!"


  • "I'm gonna design the best games ever...and make MILLIONS!"
  • "WAHAHA! It's me, Wario! I designed the most exciting action game of all time! You launch arrows to take down an army of MechaWario minions. It's the most fun you'll ever have, so be grateful I made it!"
  • "WAHAHA! Isn't this the best game ever?! Whenever you play it, be sure to think about how amazing I am!"

Young Cricket & Master Mantis[edit]

  • "No matter how strong you are, you have to eat right. You'll never master kung fu on an empty stomach!"

Master Mantis[edit]

  • "Hello there, Young Cricket. Can you jump your way to me?"
  • "The key to kung fu is energy. If yours reaches 0, you won't be able to move."
  • "Your energy will slowly decrease, but if you eat a dumpling, you'll regain a bit."
  • "A true master will make it to the goal with as much energy as possible."
  • "I've also hidden three scrolls. I'll give you a reward if you can find them all."

Young Cricket[edit]

  • "Hey! I'm Cricket! I'm a kung fu apprentice! Master Mantis has taught me some new jumping techniques, so I made a game out of it!"