Fruit (minigame)

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Fruit title screen
Fruit title screen.

Fruit is a multiplayer minigame in Game & Wario hosted by Penny.


One player has the GamePad, taking on the role of a thief and stealing fruits from the stage. The other players take on the roles of agents; they, looking at the TV, cannot directly identify the thief, and must pay attention to which fruits are stolen at what times, as well as what stage elements the thief may trigger. Penny will also reveal where the thief is hiding every thirty seconds using her sensor. After four minutes have elapsed, the GamePad must be passed over to the agents to determine who the food thief is. If even one agent correctly identifies the thief, they win; otherwise, the thief wins.

The thief and the agents generally speaking see the same view of the playing area, the fruit counter and the clock, and there are only minor differences between the views on the TV and the GamePad:

  • On the GamePad, the thief has a flag above them.
  • The thief has the option to press ZR Button to see a top-down of the playing area, with the lower left and lower right showing black borders in areas that are not within the playing field.
  • Penny's radar is only shown on the TV, while the gameplay temporarily halts on the GamePad.
  • The Plus Button prompts in the upper right look slightly different on the TV and the GamePad.


There are three unique stages. While the gameplay is the same, each stage has its own unique features other than layout.

Apple Avenue[edit]

“A lively street bustling with buses and pedestrians. The manholes can be used to warp.”
Stage description

This stage is a collection of urban road intersections that comprises various people, vehicles, and manholes that the thief can use to warp. Apples are the fruits found in the area.

Pineapple Pool[edit]

A pool filled with umbrellas and a whale that raises the water level periodically, cutting off the area. Pineapples are the fruits found in the area.

Melon Museum[edit]

A museum where the thief can only carry out their thefts when the lights turn off periodically. Melons are the fruits found in the area.


Hey, it's Penny! In my game, one player takes the role of a thief and tries to steal fruit while eluding the other players acting as agents. Do your best to blend in!



  • Left Stick / +Control Pad: Move
  • A Button: Pick up apple
  • ZR Button: Toggle standard or top-down view.


  • Stylus: Identify thief


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フルーツ

Spanish (NOE) Fruit