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Hint Cards are collectible items in Game & Wario from the Cluck-A-Pop prize machine. There are 69 cards that can be collected that provide hints on each of the games and Miiverse Sketch. In the Cluck-A-Pop, they are represented by blue capsules and take up some shelf space of Capsules 121-160 and 201-240 and all shelves of 170-200.
Please note that names and dialogue are taken from the American English version of the game. Names and dialogue may differ between the American and British versions.

Hint Cards[edit]

GAME & WARIO[edit]

  • The Magic of Minus Button: If you press Minus Button during a game, you can jump right to the option to return to game selection. (In some cases it won't work.)


  • The Power of Sneeze Shots: Sneeze shots will go exactly where you aim, even in the strong wind! They can also destroy a boss's teeth in one shot!
  • Sneeze Shots x Mines = Power!: Shoot a mine with a sneeze shot for a super-charged explosion! Isn't it nice of me to be giving you all these great tips?
  • Improving Your Accuracy: Here's a great shootin' tip. Tilt GamePad back a bit, and then launch your arrows fast and straight. This should improve your accuracy!
  • Scoring Tokens in ARROW: When you replay stages in which you've achieved Master status, look for a MechaWario minion carrying a token. If you shoot it, it's yours!


  • Displaying Target Info: Press +Control Pad (down) to display info about your targets. This will help you figure out where to look for them. You might also learn some juicy gossip!
  • Quick-Zoom: Push Classic Controller Left Stick and Classic Controller Right Stick (up) at the same time to quickly zoom all the way in! To zoom all the way out, press Classic Controller Left Stick or Classic Controller Right Stick (like a button).
  • Joe's Colorful Commentary: Joe will often comment on photos even if a target isn't pictured. Try using your remaining film to take lots of fun photos!
  • Scoring Tokens in SHUTTER: After you've photographed all of your targets, a token will appear somewhere in the stage. Snap a good photo of it to score it!


  • Speed Up with a Somersault: If you shake GamePad up and down during a jump, I'll bust out a sweet somersault move! It's so smoooooth.
  • Spin to Increase Your Hang Time: If you shake GamePad left and right during a jump, I'll bust out a sweet spin move! Oh, baby, you're gonna love it!
  • The Trick to Watching the TV: If you hold GamePad upside down, you can watch the TV to play Endless Bunny Slope!
  • Scoring Tokens in SKI: Keep an eye out for stray tokens when playing Endless Bunny Slope. If you see one, pick it up!


  • Color Clues: The shades of the patchwork puzzle pieces hint at what the completed puzzle will look like. Keep this in mind as you play!
  • Challenge-Puzzle Tips: All of the challenge puzzles also appear as standard patchwork puzzles. The more completed puzzles you remember, the better!
  • The Amazing Check Button: When solving challenge puzzles, the Check button has a shorter wait time before you can use it again, so take advantage!
  • Scoring Tokens in PATCHWORK: You'll win 1 token for every 10 patchwork puzzles you solve! You'll also win 1 token for each challenge puzzle you solve!

KUNG FU[edit]

  • Proper KUNG FU Technique: Look for my shadow on GamePad to help spot my landing. And look at the TV to keep an eye on what's ahead! Using both views in tandem is key!
  • Corn-Climb Clues: You can clear the fire columns in Corn Climb in one full jump! As for the mesh areas, the dumplings will help point you to safe landing spots.
  • Bigger Dumplings?!: If you continue eating dumplings long enough in All You Can Eat mode, they will increase in size. Then it's time to load up on energy!
  • Scoring Tokens in KUNG FU: In All You Can Eat mode, keep an eye out for random floating tokens. If you see one, jump up and snag it!


  • Impostor Alert: This is almost too obvious to mention, but I've only got one mom. If you see two of them, try to figure out which one is fake!
  • Hone Your Skills: If you want to practice up before facing 9-Volt's mom, c'mon over to my pad or play the CLUCK-A-POP BALLOON FIGHTER games.
  • A GREAT Way to Regain Energy: When playing my Endless mode, I'll regain some energy if you hide with GREAT timing!
  • Scoring Tokens in GAMER: Tokens will sometimes appear on GamePad during my Endless mode! Keep an eye out, and if you see one, tap it. Score!


  • Penmanship Points: Even if you don't nail the exact specifications I'm looking for. I'll still give you some extra points for good penmanship.
  • Mastering Robot Design: The trick to drawing perfect lines is to memorize what 1- to 2.5-inch lines feel like. The more you train your muscle memory, the better!
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Your lines will become the robot's face. Aim to score above bronze, and experiment with unconventional lines to create a truly unique face!
  • Scoring Tokens in DESIGN: If you score a perfect 100 when drawing a circle, I'll reward your fine efforts with a token! Trust me, it's more difficult than it sounds.


  • Spell-Power Multipliers!: If you can collect an entire chain of spell power without missing any, the power will be multiplied by up to six times!
  • Leaving Ashley Alone: Ashley is quite easily annoyed. For a more pleasant gameplay experience, we recommend not bothering her too much on GamePad.
  • A Gift from the Stars: After you clear all the stages, there will be stars in them the next time you play one. Do a loop around a star to get a present or blue orb.
  • Scoring Tokens in ASHLEY: After you've achieved Best Buddy status in a stage, keep an eye out for a token the next time you play. If you do a loop around it, it's yours!


  • Maximize Your Earnings: If you pick up passengers in midair as they float down from a UFO, you'll get a catch bonus. This is a great way to earn some extra bucks!
  • Treasure-Chest Collecting: To really strike it rich, try to collect all the treasure chests up front. Getting all of these and all the stars before finishing each stage is the key.
  • Floating Fronk: Keep an eye on the TV for Fronk floating by on a yellow balloon. If you're able to transport him to safety, you'll earn 500 bucks!
  • Scoring Tokens in TAXI: After achieving Taxi King status in a stage, the next time you play it, a token will appear on the map after you defeat the mothership.


  • Advanced Shield Skills: As long as it's in rhythm, you can actually shake arrows off your shield whenever you want. If you time it right, you'll hear a sweet "Hoo!"
  • The Key to Proper Alignment: Arrows coming from odd directions? Be sure to listen to my commands while facing the center ship with your shield held down. That'll fix it!
  • Dance, Dance, Dance!: If you're too shy to match my moves, then you've got no business playing this game. To truly master PIRATES, you must bust a move!
  • Scoring Tokens in PIRATES: When playing a stage you've already scored a Perfect on, I'll sometimes yell out "Token!" Block the arrow and shake it off in rhythm to snag it!


  • Scoring Strikes: If you can hit the pocket between pins ① and ③ with a little curve on your ball, scoring a strike should be so easy, baby!
  • 10th-Frame Factoids: If you get a spare in the 10th frame, you get one more roll! If you get a strike in the 10th frame, you get two more rolls!
  • Pin Characteristics: The character pins all vary in terms of size, weight, and balance. Learn the quirks of each one to score big!
  • Scoring Tokens in BOWLING: If you successfully complete a Token Challenge in Classic mode, you'll win a token. Super cool!


  • The TV Advantage: Early on in the game, try watching the TV when you play. It can be easier to spot the beans way up high and grab them for big points!
  • The GamePad Advantage: As the game speeds up, shift your focus to GamePad. The background is static, so you won't be distracted by all the crazy stuff going on!
  • Shiny-Bean Secrets: Shiny beans are the key to getting yourself out of trouble. After you reach 10,000 points, you'll see one every 1,000 points after that.
  • Scoring Tokens in BIRD: For every 10,000 points you score, a token will fall among the beans. Grab it with your tongue to snag it!


  • It's Not All about Looks: It's more important to communicate the idea of the word you're trying to sketch than it is to produce a really nice-looking drawing.
  • When the Going Gets Tough...: The more words you get right, the harder they'll become. But no matter how tough it gets, resist the urge to use words or yell out hints!
  • Win a Grand Award!: I will present an Orbulon Award to sketches I find truly outstanding. Weird ones can win too, so give it your best, even if your best is weird.
  • Prized Masterpieces: On occasion, I'll add sketches that have won the Orbulon Award to my prized masterpiece collection, which you can win in CLUCK-A-POP.


  • Copycat Alert: The townsfolk will sometimes copy the movements of previous thieves! Don't be fooled just because a citizen's moves look suspicious.
  • The Ultimate Con: Some of the characters you can pick to play as the thief really stand out. If you can outsmart the agents with one of these folks, you're amazing!
  • Using Blind Spots: There are lots of objects that the agents can't see through. Take advantage of these when playing as the thief to sneak past their gaze.
  • Mimicking Movements: As the thief, mimicking the moves of those around you can be a good strategy. Try just standing around or walking by a piece of fruit!


  • Pulling Back Fronks: If you pull back strongly when launching us Fronks, we'll stay grouped close together. If you pull back softly, we'll spread out!
  • Fronk Launch Angles: If you hold GamePad close to vertical when you launch us, we'll arc way up high. If you hold GamePad more flat, we'll fly pretty straight.
  • Seagulls?!: Sometimes a crazy seagull will fly by and grab one of us or cause something cool to happen.
  • Outsmart the Scales: The solid ground at the bottom of Salty Scales is a guaranteed 10 points if you land there. Who cares where the scales tip?!


  • Switch It Up!: Rather than tapping beats with the same button each time, switch up the colors to fluster your opponent and score big-time points!
  • If You're Not Feeling the Rhythm: If you're having trouble catching on to the beat, check out the Left and Right characters. They're always moving right in rhythm!
  • How Points Are Scored: When an opponent is defending, a GOOD scores you no points but CLOSE scores 10 and a MISS 20. Get a perfect to score double!
  • Sudden Death: Sudden Death continues until someone score points. If six rounds pass without a score, the game will end in a draw.


  • The More You Post...: The more words and sketches you post, the more you'll have to look at when you select View a Gallery. So what are you waiting for?!
  • What Makes a Word Fun?: Words that everyone knows but are difficult to draw in a way that communicates the idea are really fun!
  • What Makes a Sketch Popular?: It's not just technical skill that makes a good sketch. The most popular ones might just be really unique, or simple, or silly, or weird!
  • The Miiverse Community: You can view your posted words and sketches in GAME & WARIO Miiverse communities. Press HOME Button to go and check it out!