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Patchwork title screen
Patchwork title screen.

Patchwork is a single-player minigame hosted by Kat & Ana in the Wii U game Game & Wario.


Kat & Ana roll out several rolls of different colored fabric with different patterns. Both of them proceed to cut these pieces of fabric into different shapes using their katanas. Ana uses some of the patches to create some flowers inside a planter while Kat uses them to create a horse, which she proceeds to ride.


Game & Wario
Easy Puzzle #10 of Patchwork.

Patchwork is played by using the Wii U's touch-screen and stylus. There is only one mode available at the start: Patchwork Puzzles. The second mode, Challenge Puzzles, is unlocked after all the puzzles in the Patchwork Puzzles mode have been completed. There are three difficulty settings, but the only one available at the start is Easy Mode. Medium difficulty is unlocked after all easy mode puzzles have been completed, and hard difficulty is unlocked after all medium difficulty puzzles have been completed. There are only ten puzzles available at the start, but more can be unlocked after the previous ten have been completed. There are 30 puzzles per mode for a grand total of 90 puzzles total.

The objective of Patchwork Puzzles mode is to complete the puzzle in the fastest time possible. If the player gets stuck and does not know where to place a specific piece, they can tap the "Hint" button on the button to show the general area where the piece goes. However, doing so adds 30 seconds to the player's timer. In the Easy difficulty, there is only one correct spot for the patch and patches cannot be removed once placed. In the medium and hard difficulties, there are several places where a patch can be placed, but there is still only one correct spot. The player can check to see if they put the patches in the correct spot by clicking the "Check" button. If the patches are in the correct place, a small red circle will appear on the thumbtack where the patch is. If a patch is not in the right spot, a blue X appears and the patch is removed from the area it was placed in. Unlike the Hint button, the Check button does not add time to the time limit.

After all 90 puzzles have been completed, the Challenge Puzzles mode is unlocked. In this mode, the player has a set amount of time to complete a puzzle from a specific category. The Easy Challenge gives the player 30 seconds, the Medium Challenge gives the player 60 seconds, and the Hard Challenge gives the player 90 seconds.


Easy Puzzles[edit]

  • Tutorial: Flower

1. Horse
2. Top Hat
3. Jumbo Jet
4. Sunglasses
5. Boot
6. Car
7. Boar
8. Ladybug
9. Parrot
10. Mario

11. UFO
12. Elephant
13. Tomato
14. Footprint
15. Sheep
16. Umbrella
17. Watermelon
18. Letter
19. Banana
20. Super Star

21. Music Notes
22. Heart
23. Helicopter
24. Knife & Fork
25. Frog
26. Seagull
27. Trophy
28. Scissors
29. Lips
30. Super Mushroom

Medium Puzzles[edit]

  • Tutorial: Ninja Star

1. Telephone
2. Monkey
3. Carrot
4. Garlic
5. Chick
6. Diamond
7. Moon
8. Shoe
9. Santa
10. Trumpet

11. Bow
12. Pig
13. Beetle
14. Light Bulb
15. Bottle Opener
16. Sailboat
17. Nose
18. Strawberry
19. Turkey Leg
20. Snake

21. Traffic Light
22. Eagle
23. Camel
24. Crab
25. Whale
26. Mouse
27. Bat
28. Butterfly
29. Shamrock
30. Fronk

Hard Puzzles[edit]

  • Tutorial: Kat

1. High Heel
2. Crown
3. Teapot
4. Koala
5. Penguin
6. Skull
7. Rooster
8. Saxophone
9. Bunny
10. Dolphin

11. Straw Hat
12. Train
13. Palm Tree
14. Caterpillar
15. Cherries
16. Spade
17. Pea Pod
18. Cactus
19. Ring
20. Shell

21. Rhino Beetle
22. Grapes
23. Peach
24. Key
25. Eggplant
26. Boxer Briefs
27. Fish
28. Cow
29. House
30. Ana


  • Stylus: Drag and drop patches/tap on "Hint" and "Check" buttons
  • A Button: Skip dialogue.


"We're Kat and Ana! Our patchwork puzzles are as cute as it gets, we promise!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Patchwork -