The Brain

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The Brain
Multiplayer gameplay in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Mansion ScareScraper
Room Roof
HP The Brain's HP changes depending on the difficulty level:
  • Normal = 300
  • Hard = 500
  • Expert = 700

The Brain is the final boss of the co-op ScareScraper mode in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. He is an unusually large Poltergeist who is fought atop the tower's roof.

His attack pattern is very similar to Poltergeist variants, except that he has much higher HP than other Poltergeist variants and also has the ability to charge up a force field that he can project to knock away any Luigis that are vacuuming him (though this can be avoided by jumping when the force field is released).

Unlike the other bosses in the ScareScraper, which are randomly chosen when the boss' floor is reached, The Brain is always fought when the roof is reached, and he has no texture-swapped variants like the other bosses.

During his fight, he is accompanied by Slammers and normal or armed and shielded variations of Greenies or Strong Greenies. On the Expert difficulty, Slammers are replaced with Strong Slammers.

When defeated, fireworks shoot up in the sky behind the tower and the Luigi who defeated him's Poltergust releases a large amount of coins, bills, and Gold Bars.

The Brain also appears in Luigi's Mansion Arcade, where he is the boss of Gloomy Manor. The Brain begins the battle with a shield, meaning he cannot be sucked up. The player can make the shield break by either sucking up the projectiles The Brain throws at Luigi or by clearing the ghosts he summons. If either of these methods are performed, The Brain can be sucked up for a bit before breaking free and repeating the attack process. Eventually, he turns invisible and can only be sucked up if the Dark-Light Device is used to reveal him. After The Brain loses 120 HP, it will be defeated.

Ghost Container description[edit]

  • American English: This cunning ghost is the most evolved of all the Poltergeists. He awaits ghost hunters who are both brave and smart enough to match his powers.
  • British English: This cunning ghost is the most evolved of all the Boffins. He awaits ghost trackers who are both brave and smart enough to match his powers.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンポルタ
From "Don" (Spanish word for "lord") and「ルポルタ」(Ruporuta, Poltergeist)
French Méta Cérébrus From the Greek prefix meta (beyond, after) and cérébral (cerebral)
German Das Superhirn The Superbrain
Italian Il Cervellone The Brain
Portuguese (NOE) O Cérebro The Brain
Spanish El Cerebro The Brain