Under the Stairs

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Under the Stairs
The Under the Stairs segment from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Area Gloomy Manor

Under the Stairs is a secret room in Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon under the stairs of the Foyer. To access it, Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device in the middle of the left wall of the Patio. The room itself is nothing notable, although four gold spiders are present. There are two doors in this room: one that leads back to the Patio, and one that leads behind the aquarium in the Foyer, allowing Luigi to get an amethyst.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 階段かいだんした
Kaidan no Shita
Under the Stairs
French Sous l'escalier Under the Stairs
German Unter der Treppe Under the Stairs
Italian Sottoscala Understairs
Portuguese (NOE) Vão das Escadas Stairwell
Russian Каморка
Spanish (NOE) Hueco de la escalera Stairwell