Conservatory (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)

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Mansion Haunted Towers
Seized by Greenies and Gobber.

The Conservatory is a room inside of the Haunted Towers in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It can be accessed by taking the door on the fourth floor of the Toolshed Stairs or by taking the door on the right of the Crow's Nest. It is a two-floor room with a large organ in the center. The room is littered with broken planks of wood and shattered tiles. There are several armchairs thrown around this room as well. Depending on the missions, there can be many or few plants growing inside. On the first floor, the door on the left leads to the Crow's Nest and the door on the right leads back to the Toolshed Stairs. On the second floor, the door on the left leads to a higher area of the Crow's Nest while the door on the right takes Luigi to a bonus game.

During The Pinwheel Gate, Luigi needs to make his way to the Conservatory to confront a Hider that has stolen a vane from the pinwheel gate. Before Luigi can capture the Hider, he must capture three Slammers. After capturing the Slammers, Luigi must play the organ to cause the Hider to appear out of his hiding spot. In this mission, there aren't many plants growing in the Conservatory. During Pool Party, Luigi needs to make his way to Conservatory after noticing the door to the West Bathroom is locked. Utilizing the bulbs growing around the organ, Luigi can float to the top left of the room and enter the door to find a portrait of a key. In this same mission, Luigi can play a mini-game by using a Gold Bulb on the top right. If Luigi completes this mini-game, he will be awarded with a Treasure Chest filled with many coins, bills, and Gold Bars. In Doggone Key, the Conservatory is one of the Polterpup's hiding spots. After revealing the missing organ with the Dark-Light Device, Luigi should play the organ to cause the Polterpup to appear. The Polterpup then behind the organ and a Creeper appears in front of the entrance. After defeating the Creeper and chasing the Polterpup, it will escape to the west and Luigi is ambushed by three Greenies and a Gobber. Bulbs still grow in the Conservatory during this mission. During Hostile Intrusion, the Conservatory might be one of the rooms infested with ghosts.

Only during Pool Party, Luigi can use a bulb to float to the top of the room where there is a hidden door. After using the Dark-Light and collecting the Spirit Balls, Luigi can enter the door to be taken to a bonus game where he needs to collect the eight Red Coins. If Luigi successfully manages to collect the eight red coins within fifteen seconds, a treasure chest with an emerald will appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オルガンルーム
Orugan Rūmu
Organ Room

German Wintergarten
Italian Sala dell'organo
Pipe organ's room
Portuguese Sala de Música
Music Room
Spanish (NOE) Terraza interior
Interior Terrace