Gold Greenie

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Gold Greenie
Gold Greenie
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion Arcade (2015)
Variant of Greenie
Gold Mouse
Speedy Spirit
Golden Goob

Gold Greenies are a gold variation of Greenies in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They have 20 HP and can be found usually in all missions in each mansion. They are hidden in several places of furniture or objects and spring at Luigi when he shakes the furniture or object. They do not attempt to hurt Luigi (except for the Hockey Gold Greenies at the Ice Lake), instead they try to escape upon being sighted. Capturing one yields a large amount of treasure, a large amount of coins, Bills and usually one Gold Bar, unless caught with another ghost or with a full bar.

Their concept is based upon the Speedy Spirit from its predecessor, Luigi's Mansion. Both hide in furniture, both attempt to escape, both yield a large sum of money if they are captured, and both cannot be found again if the player fails to catch them.

Ghost Container description[edit]

These greedy Greenies traded their slimy bodies for ones made of molten gold! Can't say I blame them.

Gold Greenie locations[edit]

Gloomy Manor[edit]

Mission Room Hiding place
A-2: Gear Up Coatroom Luigi should use the toilet to go to the bathroom area, then vacuum up the carpet on the floor.
A-3: Quiet Please! Coatroom Luigi should vacuum up all four coats.
A-4: Visual Tricks Garage Luigi should open the chest in the northwest corner of the room. When he tries to leave, the Gold Greenie will suddenly appear in the car.
A-5: Sticky Situation Patio Playing in the pool with a normal Greenie.

Haunted Towers[edit]

Mission Room Hiding place
B-2: The Pinwheel Gate Courtyard On the right, Luigi should use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a missing stone button. When pressed, a fake Greenie will pop up, and Luigi must shoot it to get the Gold Greenie out of hiding.
B-3: Graveyard Shift Hydro Generator and Old Graveyard First, Luigi should look through the window at the right of the Haunted Towers Entrance to find a Gold Greenie playing in the water and travel to the Hydro Generator to capture it.
In the Old Graveyard, Luigi must blow out the candles around a coffin on the right side of the area to make another Gold Greenie appear.
B-4: Pool Party Haunted Towers Entrance Luigi should go to the right and remove the piles in front of the tree. The player must press X Button to kick the tree.
B-5: Doggone Key Toolshed Stairs On the third floor of Toolshed Stairs, there is a drawer with a puddle of water in front of it.

Old Clockworks[edit]

Mission Room Hiding place
C-1: A Timely Entrance Workshop After capturing two Greenies in the room, Luigi should pull the chain that opens a vent on the ceiling.
C-2: Underground Expedition Canyon Narrows and Quarry In the Canyon Narrows, there is a shaking door that leads to a minigame where five Gold Greenies can be caught.

In the Quarry, if the first few Greenies are caught quickly enough, then a Gold Greenie will appear.

C-3: Roundhouse Brawl Warehouse On the second floor of the Warehouse, there is a moving box. Follow it until it stops moving and then open it.
C-5: Piece at Last Crank Room There are two Gold Greenies in this room. The first one is found sleeping northeast of the room. To get to it, Luigi must slowly walk past the two Slammers without alerting them, then travel up the gear and into the alcove to capture the Gold Greenie. The second one is found in the second locker from the left (the one that a Slammer was beating on).

Secret Mine[edit]

Mission Room Hiding place
D-1: Cold Case Chalet, Ice Lake, and Under the Ice In the Chalet, after capturing the Hiders and the Sneaker, pull on the bear rug's tail to expose a Gold Greenie.

At the Ice Lake, there is a Hockey Puck at the southeastern corner. Luigi should shoot it into the goal and two Gold Greenies will appear wearing hockey gear. These Gold Greenies have 10 HP.
For Under the Ice, there is a large fish with two ropes in its mouth. Luigi should pull on both of them to release another Gold Greenie.

D-2: Hit Rock Bottom Shaft and Deep Hall While going down the Shaft, a Gold Greenie will appear holding up a crystal.

In the Deep Hall, Luigi should go to the left and look through the window into the Cinder Mine to find another Gold Greenie. When Luigi is done investigating, a Sneaker will appear and trip Luigi. The Gold Greenie and the Sneaker then high-five each other.

D-3: Across the Chasm Pit Mine In the Pit Mine, activate the machinery. A gold block of ice will appear and can be transported into the Deep Hall. Once there, Luigi can melt the gold ice block at a nearby fire, and a Gold Greenie appears.

Treacherous Mansion[edit]

Mission Room Hiding place
E-1: Front-Door Key Veranda Luigi should go down the stairs on the left, and find a hidden tunnel that leads to some graves. Once there, blow out all the candles, and a Gold Greenie will appear.
E-2: Double Trouble Jungle Exhibit and Grand West In the Jungle Exhibit, Luigi should go to the lower level and vacuum the plant in the northwest corner. After a while, a Gold Greenie will appear.

In the Grand West, Luigi should use the Dark-Light Device on a hidden drawer to find another Gold Greenie.

E-3: A Train to Catch Space Exhibit and Archives In the Space Exhibit, there is a Gold Greenie hiding in a rocket. A log must be picked up from the Jungle Exhibit, then lit on fire with the torches in the Ancient Exhibit. The ignited log must then be taken back to the Space Exhibit to ignite the rocket. Once the rocket takes off, Luigi must exit through the door, and then re-enter the room to find the rocket crashed and the Gold Greenie exposed.

In the Archives, there are four boxes that Luigi must open in the correct order to get the Gold Greenie to come out. Luigi should open the southwest box first, then northeast, then northwest, and then southeast, and the Gold Greenie will come out.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リッチルノーマ
Ritchi runōma
Rich Greenie
Dutch Goud Groentje Gold Greenie
French (NOA) Sacripon d'or Gold Greenie
French (NOE) Paktoll Deformation of pactole (gold mine)
German Goldgrünling Gold Greenie
Italian Verdino Dorato Golden Greenie
Russian Золотой зеленец
Zolotoy zelenets
Golden greenie
Spanish Verdestro dorado Golden Greenie


  • The maximum amount of Gold Greenies able to be found at one time is 5; all of them are found in the Old Clockworks, at a hidden room inside Canyon Narrows during the mission C-2.