Breakneck Pace

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Breakneck Pace
BreakneckPace SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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Breakneck Pace is one of the fourth routes players can travel in the River Survival mode of Super Mario Party.


The route starts with a short waterfall, followed by a gradual right with a Dash Panel leading to a Dash Panel ramp over a rock. After a slight right waterfall, the players reach alternating Dash Panels and Dash Panel ramps, the left ramp of which leads to the first Minigame Balloon. The slight left waterfall then follows, along with a few notes strewn across a Dash Panel and a Dash Panel ramp leading to the 3,500-meter mark and a slight left waterfall. More notes and Dash Panel ramps follow, with the last note over a Dash Panel ramp to the left that leads to the second Minigame Balloon. Another slight left waterfall follows, which leads to a Dash Panel ramp leading to the third Minigame Balloon and more Dash Panels and rocks. The fork leading to either Jumping Jeopardy and Monster Attack! soon follows.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Aguas frenéticas Frantic Waters