Party Pad

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Party Pad
Artwork of the Party Pad from Super Mario Party
First appearance Super Mario Party (2018)

The Party Pad is an object in Super Mario Party that is given to the player by Toad when they first enter the Party Plaza. It is used to help the player navigate in the game. The Party Pad contains five different menus:

  • Map: Players can quickly access different parts of the hub by clicking on it.
  • Advice: A manual in which players can read descriptions for the various features in the game.
  • Party Points: Players can purchase stickers, sticker boards, music tracks, and advice with earned Party Points.
  • Music: Players can listen to the soundtrack of the game.
  • Gems: Players can view their collected gems.

amiibo functionality is accessed through the Party Pad, where scanned amiibo earn players shiny stickers for specific compatible amiibo and bonus Party Points for all other amiibo.