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A screenshot of Mario Party DS, showing the player's current and total Mario Party Points.
Earning Mario Party Points in Mario Party DS

Mario Party Points (also shortened as MP Points or simply Party Points) are points that players can gain in Mario Party DS, Mario Party 9, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party 10 and Super Mario Party. They are similar to Cruise Mileage Points from Mario Party 7 and Carnival Cards from Mario Party 8. There are many ways to gain Mario Party Points, and they are rewarded for almost every aspect of the game. For example, the player may gain Mario Party Points by moving through spaces. Mario Party Points are used to achieve badges and Character Figures seen at the Gallery in Mario Party DS. When reaching a certain amount of points, the player may win one of these prizes.

Mario Party DS[edit]

Party Points can only be achieved in single-player mode.

List of bonuses[edit]

  • Minigame Wins: 20 each
  • Boss Defeated: 30
  • Turns Played: Number of turns
  • Bonus Star Bounty: 30 per Bonus Star
  • Finishing a Board Game:
    • 1st Place: 30
    • 2nd Place: 20
    • 3rd Place: 10
    • 4th Place: 5
  • Star Stash: 10 per Star (excluding handicap)
  • Coin Cache: Number of Coins
  • Puzzle Games: Varies
  • COM Difficulty Bonus: Up to 50% of the sub-total

Mario Party 9[edit]

Mario Party Points reappear in Mario Party 9. Here, they are earned by playing minigames, boards, or finishing Solo Mode. They can be used to buy cars and constellations, or even DK's Jungle Ruins at the Museum.

List of bonuses[edit]

  • Free Play Minigames: 1 each
  • Clearing Solo Mode: 500 + Total Mini Stars
  • Minigame finished in all modes except Free Play: 10 each
  • Play an Extra Minigame: 2
  • Clear all Perspective Mode Minigames: 100
  • Play Castle Clearout:
    • 1 Player: 2 per cleared stage
    • 2 Player: 5
  • Mini Stars Collected on a stage in Party Mode: Number of Mini Stars (minus handicap)

Note: If a player collects less than 10 Mini Stars in a board, then 10 Party Points are awarded regardless.

Mario Party: Island Tour[edit]

Mario Party Points return in Mario Party: Island Tour where they are used to purchase bubbles, which are the game's collectibles in the form of character voice clips or music tracks. The amount of Party Points earned is doubled or tripled if played in multiplayer.

List of bonuses[edit]

  • Finish a Board: 1,000 (2,000 if 1st place)
  • Finish a Board (Multiplayer): 2,000 (4,000 if Player 1 wins)
  • Finish a Minigame in Free Play: 50 (150 if Multiplayer)
  • Finish Time Attack: 500
  • Finish a 3-win match of Hot-Air Hijinks: 300
  • Finish a 5-win match of Hot-Air Hijinks: 500
  • Finish a 7-win match of Hot-Air Hijinks: 700
  • Finish Bowser's Tower for the first time: 10,000
  • Finish Bowser's Tower for the second time: 20,000
  • Finish Bowser's Tower for the third time: 30,000

Mario Party 10[edit]

Party Points also return in Mario Party 10. They can also be earned by clearing Challenges. These points can be used to unlock new vehicles, characters, music, CPU level and more.

List of bonuses[edit]

Super Mario Party[edit]

This section is under construction. Therefore, please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.

Party Points return once again in Super Mario Party. Players receive points for completing various tasks, like playing minigames, clearing challenges in Challenge Road or winning board games. These points can be spent to unlock stickers, advice and others using the Party Pad. When deciding what to name the Party Points, Kamek suggested that they be called Bowser Bucks, but was outvoted two-to-one by Toad and Toadette.

List of bonuses[edit]

  • Finish a Minigame in Free Play: 50
  • Clearing a minigame challenge in Challenge Road: 200
  • Finishing a board: 500 (1,000 in Partner Party, 2,000 if won)
  • Clearing all challenges in Challenge Road: 5,000

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリパポイント
Maripa Pointo
Mario Party Point; maripa is short for "Mario Party".

French Points d'aventure (Mario Party 9)
Points Mario Party (Mario Party DS)
Adventure Points
Mario Party Points
Spanish Puntos fiesta
Party points