Megamorph Belt

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A figure of Bowser's Megamorph Belt.
A figurine of Bowser's Megamorph Belt
“Hey, this party ain't over yet! I've got an even-more-secret weapon! Behold, the Megamorph Belt! Let me give you a taste of its power!”
Bowser, Mario Party DS

The Megamorph Belt is one of Bowser's weapons in Mario Party DS. Unlike with the Minimizer, Bowser does not reveal it until close to the very end of the game, after Donkey Kong breaks the Minimizer. Bowser uses the Megamorph Belt's power to transform into Blockhead Bowser, a form of blocks encasing Bowser. The weak spot of Blockhead Bowser is the golden Bowser Block, which the player has to attack to defeat Bowser in Bowser's Block Party.

Although it is a belt, Bowser appears to wear the Megamorph Belt on his neck.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Ceinturon Béton
Concrete Belt
Spanish Cubitrón
Portmanteau between cubo ("cube") and suffix "-tron"