Bowser's Block Party

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Not to be confused with Bowser's Block Battle.
Bowser's Block Party
Bowser's Block Party.png
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type Boss minigame
Music track Take Down the Boss
Music sample
“OK, I got this great gadget for our final fight! Cower before the power of my new Megamorph Belt!”
Bowser, Mario Party DS

Bowser's Block Party is the final boss minigame from Mario Party DS. In it, the player fights Bowser after he uses his Megamorph Belt to become Blockhead Bowser. Part of the minigame's name is a play on "block party." This is the only minigame where playable characters are in their normal size, as they turn back to normal when Donkey Kong breaks the Minimizer prior to the minigame in Story Mode.


Bowser puts on his Megamorph Belt and transforms into the first form of Blockhead Bowser.


The player gets five hearts (served as a Health Meter), while Bowser has only three. First, he turns into a spinning top and spins around the arena, shooting fire from the golden Bowser Block. After a while, he cloaks himself in fire. Eventually, he stops, the flames dissipate, and he falls over. The player must then punch or kick the golden Bowser Block five times to defeat that form and turn him into his next form.

In Bowser's next form, he becomes a large cube and moves like a Tox Box. After moving, he shoots fire from Bowser tiles on his side. The player must punch or kick the golden Bowser Block five times when it comes to the ground.

In Bowser's last form, he becomes a snake-like trail of blocks, with the normal Bowser Blocks as a body and the golden Bowser Block as a head. It moves around the outside, and the Bowser Blocks shoot fire. The golden Bowser Block is at first covered in fire. When it stops, it shoots fire from its side, and it stays uncovered for a moment. At that time, the player must punch or kick it five times.

Once the game is completed, the player has beaten Bowser's Pinball Machine and, in turn, the entire Story Mode; obtains the final Sky Crystal; unlocks Triangle Twisters; and obtains the Bowser's Megamorph Belt trophy. The player also gets the character's badge and figure.


After Bowser loses all three of his lives, he turns back to normal, collapses in defeat, and is crushed under a cube of blocks similar to Blockhead Bowser's second form. The player then celebrates.


For each win in Free Play, the player receives a trophy based on how many times the minigame is played:

  • One time: Bowser's Megamorph Belt
  • Two times: Electromagnetic Generator
  • Three times: Bowser Jr.'s Chair
  • Four times: Bowser's Chair
  • Five times: Bowser Cube
  • Six times: Beaten Bowser


  • +Control Pad – Move
  • A ButtonJump
  • B Button – Punch
  • A Button B Button – Kick
  • A Button A ButtonHit ground
  • L Button R Button – Move camera
  • X Button – Change view

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Avoid Bowser's attacks after he transforms into Blockhead Bowser. then wait for your chance to strike his golden weak spot!"
  • Tips"Bowser will stack his blocks in different ways, and each of his forms has a different attack. Study his forms carefully to know his attacks!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいけつクッパ
Taiketsu Kuppa
Bowser Showdown

French Blocs Epiques
Epic Blocks (Might be a pun on "Porc-épic" meaning "Hedgehog")
German Bowsers Blockfinale
Bowser's Block Finale
Italian Un Cubo di Guai
A Cube of Woe
Korean 대결 쿠파
Daegyeol Kupa
Showdown Bowser

Spanish El truco final de Bowser
Bowser's Final Trick