Goomba Wrangler

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Goomba Wrangler
4-player mini-game version
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 4-player mini-game
Duel mini-game
Time limit 20 seconds
Music Another Crazy Match

Goomba Wrangler is a 4-player and duel minigame that appears in Mario Party DS.


Players must collect Goombas that wander on the field by drawing a complete circle around them with the stylus, but players have to avoid collecting Bob-ombs that can destroy half of their already collected Goombas. Brown Goombas are worth one point, while golden Goombas are worth three points. The latter appears only during the last five seconds. The player with the most points after the twenty seconds are up is declared the winner.


  • Stylus – Draw circles

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Capture Goombas by circling them. Brown Goombas are worth one point. Golden Goombas are worth three points."
  • Tips"Don't circle Bob-ombs. If you do, you'll lose half your points."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かこんでクリボー
Kakonde Kuribō
Encircle the Goombas
Spanish Rancho de Goombas Goomba ranch
French Goomba Ranger -
German Gumba-Gewimmel Goomba Swarm
Italian A Prova di Cerchio Circle-Proof
Korean 굼바를 잡아라!
Gumba reul jabara!
Catch the Goombas!


  • This minigame is very similar to the Pokémon series DS spin-offs Pokémon Ranger games, where players capture Pokémon by making circles around them with the stylus.