Study Fall

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Study Fall
4-player mode for Study Fall in Mario Party DS
4-player mini-game
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 4-player mini-game
Duel mini-game
Initial record 50.0 cm/in
Music track Get Into It
Music sample

Study Fall is a 4-player and a duel minigame that is found in the game Mario Party DS. Its name is a pun on "study hall", which is where students can go to study after classes end. This is the fourth minigame in Score Scuffle.


Study Fall as a duel mini-game

In the scene, the camera shows the red line above from the two erasers. The player hears some applause as the camera moves up, showing various math lessons and problems shown on the board from bottom to the top of the two chalkboards. Then the players are being applauded for a short moment, equipped with magnets on their backs. After that, the minigame starts.


In this minigame, the players attempt to jump off from the ledge of the first chalkboard equipped with magnets. The players have to get as close to the red line as possible before the players hit the erasers. If the players are close to it, the players have to halt themselves by using the magnets they are holding. If the player gets too close and gets knocked off from the erasers, the player does not receive a score.

The player who stops closest to the red line without hitting the erasers is the winner.

This is one of the minigames that has a record system. If the player beats the record by getting a lower number then the previous lower number, the player makes a new record.

If all the players get knocked off from the eraser or if both players get the same score in the Duel variant, the minigame ends in a tie.

If both players get the same score in the Duel variant that breaks the current record, it counts as a new record even though no one won, as it will say "Tie" after the "New Record" fanfare. This also applies to the other Duel minigames with a record system.

The staff record for Study Fall is 1.200cm/in, but it is possible for players to manage a 0.000.


  • A Button – Activate magnet to stop

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Plunge down the magnetic board as far as you can. Stop as close to the red line as possible, and don't hit the erasers at the bottom."
  • Rules (Score Scuffle) – "Plunge down the magnetic board as far as you can. Stop as close to the red line as possible to get more points, and don't hit the erasers at the bottom."
  • Tips"You'll get a score of zero if you overshoot the red line and hit the erasers, so be careful."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すれすれストップ
Suresure Stoppu/Suresure Sutoppu
Close Stop
French La Brosse des maths Pun on bosse des maths (math prodigies) and brosse (duster).
German Magnet-Athleten Magnet Athletes
Italian Lavagniadi Blackboarders
Korean 아슬아슬 멈춰라
Aseul-aseul meomchwora
Close Stop
Spanish Al filo de la pizarra At the edge of the board


  • The blackboard height is about 62 inches/centimeters.