Score Scuffle

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Score Scuffle

“Welcome to Score Scuffle! In Score Scuffle, you'll blast through 10 minigames. Results will be converted to points. The player with the highest final score wins!”
Narrator, Mario Party DS

Score Scuffle is a minigame competition in the Minigame Mode of Mario Party DS. Four players and the ten minigames played are required to play Score Scuffle. The players play ten specific minigames consecutively, converting the results for each player to points after each minigame and adding it to each player's current score. The player with the most points after the ten minigames is the winner. The highest amount a player can get in a minigame is 1000 points, in Get the Lead Out's case, 999 points. As such, the maximum amount of points a player can have after the ten minigames is 9,999 points. The default high score for Score Scuffle is 0 points.


The minigames and the order they are played are as follows:

In-game description[edit]

"Compete in a series of minigames to earn as many points as possible!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スコアアタック
Sukoa Atakku
Score Attack
Spanish Torneo por puntos Tournament by points