Pedal Pushers

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Pedal Pushers
4-player mode for Pedal Pushers in Mario Party DS
4-player mini-game version
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 4-player mini-game
Duel mini-game
Music They're Neck and Neck

Pedal Pushers is a 4-players and Duel racing minigame found in Mario Party DS. This minigame also appears in Score Scuffle as the eighth minigame in the set.


Players drive on remote-control karts in a toy racetrack, completing the minigame for coming to the finish line at first place in a lap.

To make the kart work, players must press a pair of pedals alternately or simultaneously to go faster, or else the kart will not move. To push each of the pedals, players must push the arrows and the letter buttons. Some ice slicks appear on the track's curves, therefore players must press slowly to risk spinning out and losing time.

The player who crosses the finish line first wins, and if five minutes pass without anyone reaching the finish line or if both players reach the finish line at the same time in the Duel variant, the game ends in a tie. In Score Scuffle, the minigame ends once all players cross the finish.

If both players get the same score in the Duel variant that breaks the current record, it counts as a new record even though no one won, as it will say "Tie" after the "New Record" fanfare. This also applies to the other Duel minigames with a record system.


  • +Control Pad – (Any direction) Press left pedal
  • A Button B Button X Button Y Button – (Any button) Press right pedal

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Race to the finish by alternating the pedals. The faster you do so, the faster you'll go."
  • Rules (Score Scuffle) – "Race to the finish by alternating the pedals. The faster you do so, the faster you'll go. You'll earn more points the faster you reach the goal."
  • Tips"When you reach a slick area, don't alternate quickly or you'll spin out. Do it slowly until you cross the slick."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペダルでカートレース
Pedaru de Kāto Rēsu
Kart Race with the Pedal
French Kart Attaque Kart Attack
German Pedal-Profis Pedal Professionals
Italian Pedali in Spalla Back Pedals
Korean 페달 밟고 카트 레이스
Pedal bapgo kateu reiseu
Kart Race Pushing the Pedal
Spanish Autos a pedales Cars with Pedals

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