Nothing to Luge

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Nothing to Luge
Nothing to Luge from Mario Party DS
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 1-vs.-3 minigame
Music track Fresh as Mint
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Nothing to Luge is a 1-vs.-3 minigame from Mario Party DS. Its name is a pun on the phrase "nothing to lose".


This minigame take place at a snowy hill in the mountains. The solo player is in a wooden spoon while the other three players are in a wooden shoe. The objective of the game is to get to the bottom of the hill first. The controls are the L Button and R Button buttons to turn left or right in that way down the slopes.

If the solo player successfully reaches the bottom of the hill, they will win the minigame, but if the other three do so, they win. However, if both the solo player and the team reach the bottom of the hill at the same time or if five minutes pass, the minigame ends in a tie.

This minigame is not listed in the Simple Set in the Gallery.


  • L Button – Turn left
  • R Button – Turn right

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules (Solo)"Race down the hill on your spoon sled! Scraping a corner during a turn will slow you down, so take corners smoothly!"
  • Rules (3 players)"Race down the hill on your shoe sled! Scraping a corner during a turn will slow you down, so take corners smoothly!"
  • Tips"You'll lose speed if you scrape the sides of the chute. Watch the course ahead so you know when and how to swerve."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいけつ!スノーレース
Taiketsu! Sunō Rēsu
Showdown! Snow Race
French Luge & Grabuge Luge mayhem
German Pistenflitzer Piste Streaker
Italian Bob Art
Korean 대결! 스노우 레이스
Daegyeol! Seunou Reiseu
Showdown! Snow Race
Spanish Bobsleigh primitivo Primitive Bobsleigh