Boss Bash

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Daisy playing Boss Bash

“Welcome to Boss Bash! You're going to battle five bosses! How quickly can you defeat them? Bash them fast to win!”
Narrator, Mario Party DS

Boss Bash is a single-player minigame challenge in the Minigame Mode of Mario Party DS. The player must face in the following order: the Piranha Plant, the Hammer Bro, the Dry Bones, Kamek and Bowser in their respective boss minigames. The aim is to do so as quickly as possible to try and beat the current best times, as the minigames are timed in this challenge. If the player is defeated in any of the minigames, the challenge ends and the times for minigames the player did beat are not recorded. The default best times for the five bosses are 5:00:00, while the default overall best time is 25:00:00.


The boss minigames played and the order they are played are as follows:

In-game description[edit]

"Take on the boss minigames to get the best time you can!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボスタイムアタック
Bosu Taimu Atakku
Boss Time Attack
Spanish Enemigos finales Final enemies