Star Pipe

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Star Pipe
"Move directly to the Star."
First appearance Mario Party DS (2007)
Effect Allows players to travel directly to a Star.

The Star Pipe is a normal item that appears in Mario Party DS, functioning similarly to the Genie Lamp and Flutter Orb from previous Mario Party games. It can be bought in any Item Shop after the fifth round. It costs fifteen coins, and when used, it will take the player directly to the location of the Star, but the player still has to trade coins to buy one. In Kamek's Library, the pipe will take the player to the Lucky Jar that contains the Star.

A similar item known as the Golden Pipe appears in Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars, functioning identically aside from placing the player one space away from the Star rather than directly at the Star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタードカン
Sutā Dokan
Star Pipe

French Raccourci
German Sternenröhre
Star pipe
Italian Tubo Stella
Star Pipe
Spanish Tubería de Estrella
Star Pipe