Friend Space

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Friend Space
Friend Space
Purpose Gives the player and an opponent five coins each.
First appearance Mario Party DS (2007)

The Friend Space is a space in Mario Party DS. When any player stops on it, the player can choose another character. When chosen, the character and the chosen character both get five coins. In Tag Team mode, five coins are instead awarded to both teams, while in Duel Mode, it gives five coins to both players. After the Final 5 Frenzy event, all Friend Spaces are changed into Duel Spaces. If a CPU lands on this space, they will usually befriend the player (other than themselves) who is in last place.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 友達スペース
Tomodachi supēsu
Friend Space
French Case Ami Friend Space
German Kumpel-Feld Buddy Space
Italian Spazio Amicizia Friendship Space
Korean 친구포인트
Chin'gu Pointeu
Friend Point
Spanish Casilla de Amistad Friendship Space