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Unlucky Space
MP10 SpaceUnlucky.png
Purpose Penalizes the Captain who lands on it.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
Latest appearance Super Mario Party (2018)

The Unlucky Space or Bad Luck Space is a space that first appears in Mario Party 9. Unlike Lucky Spaces which reward the Captain for landing on it, Unlucky Spaces serve as their negative counterpart, penalizing any Captain unfortunate enough to land on one. Typically located next to a red Warp Pipe, an Unlucky Space will make a Piranha Plant appear and will force the Captain to travel down the Red Pipe into a cavern with six Mini Ztar Spaces. The Captain must then roll a standard Dice Block and move accordingly; higher numbers leading to spaces with a greater loss of Mini Stars. After that, the Captain will return to the main board (not by Piranha Plant again, exiting normally exactly like the Blue Warp Pipes). As well as ending their turn.

Unlucky Spaces are rarer than Lucky Spaces, and appear only in three boards; Toad Road, Bob-omb Factory and Blooper Beach. There is only one Unlucky Space in Toad Road, whereas Bob-omb Factory and Blooper Beach have their Unlucky Spaces on branching paths that Captains either can or cannot avoid.

On Blooper Beach, there are also two consecutive Unlucky Spaces just before the last fork of the board that causes a different event from the above to occur. Landing on any one of them will cause the nearby Blooper statue to activate and create a whirlpool, sucking the vehicle to a path around it comprising of Mini Ztar Spaces and Dash Spaces. The players take turns getting out of the path to avoid losing excessive Mini Stars while the Blooper statue drags the vehicle two spaces back at the end of each player's turn.

Only one Unlucky Space appears in Mario Party: Island Tour, right in the path of a sleeping Chain Chomp. If a player lands on this space, then the Chain Chomp will wake up and chase all of the players in its path at most six spaces backward.

Unlucky Spaces reappear in Mario Party 10. If the player lands on one, they will usually lose Mini Stars, though something else bad may happen, such as in Whimsical Waters where a Blooper may ink a player, preventing them from using Special Dice Blocks on the next turn.

Unlucky Spaces return in Super Mario Party, in which they replace the Bowser Spaces from the previous Mario Party games. In this game, they are known as "Bad Luck Spaces", have a jagged appearance, and are red in color with a black question mark and exclamation mark. Landing on an Bad Luck Space will make Kamek spin a roulette that will decide what negative outcome will befall the player that landed on it. On the last three turns, Kamek turns the spaces into Extra Bad Luck Spaces, which are similar in appearance but are purple in color and have a pink question mark and exclamation mark. The following is a list of possible options a player can get upon spinning the wheel:

  • Lose (number) Coins
  • Give (number) Coins to all other players: Should the player not have enough coins to evenly give out, leftover coins will be given to rivals at random.
  • Give (number) Coins to the last place player
  • The Star moves
  • Raise the coin cost for Stars: Kamek gives Toadette a “x2” Card, doubling the amount to pay for that star. This event does not appear on Kamek's Tantalizing Tower.
  • Lose one item

Extra Bad Luck Space Events:

  • Receive (number) Coins: Like the Lucky Space, the player will win coins. This is most likely to appear should the player be in last place and/or has no coins.
  • Give one Star to the last place player
  • Lose half of your Coins
  • Lose (number) Stars: Should the player with no stars is in last place, Kamek will give him or her coins.

Nothing happens when a player with no Coins or Items has the wheel land on one of the "Lose Coins/Items” options.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 不運なスペース
Fuunna supēsu
Ill-fated space
Spanish (NOA) Casilla salada Smalty Space
Spanish (NOE) Casilla Gafe Jinx Space
French Case malchance Bad Luck Space
Italian Spazio Malasorte Bad Luck Space