Bad Luck Space

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Bad Luck Space
The Bad Luck Space from Super Mario Party
Purpose Penalizes the player who lands on it as determined by a roulette.
First appearance Super Mario Party (2018)

The Bad Luck Space is a space in Super Mario Party that replaces the Bowser Spaces and Unlucky Spaces from the previous Mario Party games. They have a jagged appearance, and are red in color with a white question mark and exclamation mark. Landing on a Bad Luck Space will make Kamek spin a roulette that will decide what negative outcome will befall the player that landed on it. On the last three turns, Kamek turns the spaces into Extra Bad Luck Spaces, which are similar in appearance but are purple in color and have a pink question mark and exclamation mark. Some of the Extra Bad Luck events are simply more severe versions of the regular events, while others are exclusive to the Extra Bad Luck Space. Many of the regular Bad Luck events can also appear in the Extra Bad Luck wheel. In Partner Party, Kamek hides some Bad Luck Spaces in the Blank Spaces randomly on the board on the third turn.

The following is a list of possible options a player can encounter upon spinning the wheel:

  • Lose (5 or 10) Coins
  • Give (3 or 5) Coins to all other players: If the player does not have enough coins to evenly give out, leftover coins will be given to rivals at random.
  • Give (5 or 10) Coins to the last place player: This event only appears if the player is in 1st or 2nd place.
  • Give 5 Coins to a random player
  • The Star moves: Kamek creates a purple bubble around Toadette, forcing the Star to change positions. This event does not appear on Kamek's Tantalizing Tower, due to that board having a fixed location for Stars.
  • Raise the coin cost for Stars: Kamek gives Toadette a "x2" Card, temporarily doubling the amount to pay for that Star. This event does not appear on Kamek's Tantalizing Tower, due to that board's unique pricing system for Stars.
  • Lose one item: If this option is selected, but the player has no items, then nothing will happen.
  • Lose 20 Coins: Exclusive to Partner Party as a regular Bad Luck space event.
  • Give the rival team (10 or 20) coins: Exclusive to Partner Party.
Extra Bad Luck Space

Extra Bad Luck Space events:

  • Lose 20 Coins
  • Give 10 Coins to all other players
  • Give 10 coins to a random player
  • Receive 10 Coins: Like the Lucky Space, the player will win coins. This will only appear if the player is in 3rd or 4th place.
  • Lose half of your Coins
  • Lose 1 Star: If the player is in 3rd or 4th place and has no stars, Kamek will give them 20 coins.
  • Give one Star to the last place player
  • Lose 1 ally: Exclusive to Partner Party

Nothing happens when a player with no Coins or Items has the wheel land on one of the "Lose Coins/Items" options.

Names in other languages[edit]

Bad Luck Space[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドッキリマス
Dokkiri Masu
Shocking Space
Chinese (Simplified) 惊吓格
Jīng xìa gé
Frightening Space
Chinese (Traditional) 驚嚇格
Jīng xìa gé
Frightening Space
Italian Spazio sfortunato Unlucky Space
Spanish (NOA) Casilla nefasta Smalty Space
Spanish (NOE) Casilla ceniza Killjoy Space

Extra Bad Luck Space[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパードッキリマス
Sūpā Dokkiri Masu
Super Shocking Space
Chinese (Simplified) 超级惊吓格
Chāojí jīng xìa gé
Super Frightening Space
Chinese (Traditional) 超級驚嚇格
Chāojí jīng xìa gé
Super Frightening Space
Italian Spazio extra sfortunato Extra Unlucky Space
Spanish (NOE) Casilla superceniza Super Killjoy Space


  • If Bowser or Bowser Jr. lands on this space, Kamek will get scared and apologize saying he is only doing his job.