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This article is about the Yoshi franchise game. For the level in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, see Topsy Turvy.
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy
North American box art for Yoshi Topsy-Turvy
North American box art.
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Artoon
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date Japan December 9, 2004
Europe April 22, 2005
Australia April 22, 2005
USA June 13, 2005
Language(s) English (United States)
English (United Kingdom)
Spanish (Spain)
French (France)
Genre 2D Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
Mode(s) Single-player
Game Boy Advance:
Game Boy Advance icon for use in templates. Game Pak
Game Boy Advance:

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy (Yoshi's Universal Gravitation in non-American languages) is a title for the Game Boy Advance developed by Artoon and published by Nintendo. The game is a spin-off of the series of platform games starring Yoshi. It is one of the few games in the Yoshi franchise to take place in the present relative to the Mario franchise, as Bowser appears instead of Baby Bowser. It was released on December 9th, 2004 in Japan, and localized for other markets four to six months later. This was one of only a few Nintendo games released for Game Boy systems to feature gyroscopic controls built into cartridges, with some others being WarioWare: Twisted! and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


Bowser and his armies were attacking Yoshi Island, causing chaos and disorder to the inhabitants. In response to this, a spirit named Hongo attempts to seal Bowser and his minions in his book named Forbidden Pop-Up Book to stop Bowser's destruction, but Hongo fails and accidentally seals the entire island in the book. Yoshi starts panicking, but a spirit named Spirit Who Loves Surprises explains to Yoshi that he must talk with Hongo and convince him to bring Yoshi Island back to normal, because spirits don't have enough power to defeat Bowser, who was hiding in a cave at the final chapter of the book, The Tale of Bowser's Cave. He also says that he was fired because he didn't know how to keep secrets. Yoshi gets mad, and as proof of his apology, the Spirit Who Loves Surprises gives to Yoshi the power to tilt the entire world and explains how to use it, but Yoshi accidentally hits the spirit with a boulder. Yoshi manages to convince Hongo to restore Yoshi Island under the conditions that Yoshi must defeat Bowser, because if he restores Yoshi Island with Bowser, he will attack Yoshi Island again. Now Yoshi must satisfy each one of the Yoshi Island Spirits. By doing this, he will receive Happiness Medals and the spirits will allow him to battle with Bowser.

Yoshi finds the Spirit of Cuteness, which explains to Yoshi that Bowser attacked Eggland and transformed every Eggling into apples. When Yoshi swallows an apple, it is revealed that the apple is really a Eggling. After completing four chapters and satisfying some spirits, Yoshi must complete a level where Bowser tries to attack him; it turns out that the Bowser is actually a fake one being controlled by the Spirit Who Loves Surprises. Yoshi gets mad, but the Spirit Who Love Surprises apologizes and says that he was just testing him to see if he is ready to battle with the real Bowser. After completing this level, Yoshi must complete two more chapters. When Yoshi has satisfied every spirit of Yoshi Island, he can battle with Bowser.

After completing the spirits' missions, rescuing the Egglings, and defeating Bowser, the spirits celebrate Yoshi's victory, and Hongo is very grateful for Yoshi's heroism. He makes a meal for Yoshi, but Yoshi still isn't happy. He then uses his magic to bring Yoshi's Island back to normal and Yoshi back to its original state. Yoshi eats the meal with the Egglings, who will never forget Yoshi's deeds. In the end, the Spirit Who Loves Surprises returns to work with Hongo.


Yoshi using his new gravitational powers to move a Shy Guy Ship.
An in-game screenshot where tilting is used.

This is the first Mario and Yoshi game in which gravity plays an important role. By tilting the Game Boy Advance left or right, the game world tilts accordingly. There are only three levels of tilt: normal, left, and right. Fine-tuning of the level of tilt was not present. When the world is tilted, Yoshi can walk on walls, and many objects such as balls and enemies like Igashira-kuns roll downhill. The player can also make some objects go upside-down by continually changing the tilt direction.

To go to the next area, Yoshi must touch a ring made of stars. If Yoshi touches one, he cannot go back to the previous area because there is no ring to take him there. At the end of the level, Yoshi must touch a large star to win a Happiness Medal and go to the next level. Some areas require Yoshi to transform into a different form to collect items and reach the end of the level.

Depending on what level of the game players are at, the spirit who give the mission and the requirements for finishing the level change. Every level has a task given by one or two spirits, to increase the difficulty.

The game features a Bonus Games mode, in which Shuffle Mode, Shuffle Mode EX, and other minigames can be played, as well as an Eggling Book. At the end of every level, there is a Bonus Chance!, which is a chance to play a Bonus Mission!. If Yoshi completes a Bonus Mission!, he wins 50 Coins.

Throughout the game, Yoshi will find twelve different enemies which drain his health meter if he touches them. Yoshi can swallow hearts to restore one point of his health meter; a larger heart completely restores Yoshi's health meter. These enemies play important roles in the game; missions given by the Spirit of Power involve defeating a certain number of enemies, and missions given by the Spirit of Kindness involve not defeating enemies. Unlike in other Yoshi games, Yoshi produces a small puff of air after eating an enemy instead of making eggs.

If Yoshi completes the task given by the spirit, he wins a Happiness Medal. If Yoshi completes the level with a much better score than that required, he wins a Gold Medal.


Controls Purpose
Start Button Open pause menu/confirm.
A Button Jump or confirm. Within a level, hold to Flutter Jump.
B Button Extend tongue. Eat enemies, cancel.
GBA Tilt.png Tilt Yoshi's Island. This can be used to walk up walls, roll a ball or boulder, swing a Ball and Chain, tilt a Shy Guy Ship or cannon, as well as several other uses.
+Control Pad left or +Control Pad right Move Yoshi left or right, move cursor.
+Control Pad down Crouch, move cursor down.
+Control Pad up Look up, move cursor up.
L Button or R Button Flip pages of the Eggling Book.



Yoshi in the battle against Bowser.


Story Mode[edit]

During Story Mode, Yoshi must travel through eight chapters. This includes fifty courses, a mid-boss and Bowser at the final chapter. In each chapter, a spirit will set Yoshi a task. Such tasks can include collecting coins, defeating enemies or rescuing trapped Egglings from Apples. Within the courses, Yoshi must avoid twelve different enemies which will drain Yoshi's health meter upon contact. An empty health meter will cause Yoshi to lose a life. He can swallow hearts to restore his health meter. Yoshi will be rewarded with a Happiness Medal at the end of a course if he successfully completes the tasks given by the spirits. Gold Happiness Medals are given if Yoshi completes the task to a very high standard.

Challenge Mode[edit]

After completing the game, this mode is unlocked. In this mode, five extra modes can be played when they are unlocked, each through their own specific conditions. The minigames that can be played are:

Image Name Description Unlock Condition
Shuffle Mode icon
Shuffle Mode
This minigame puts Yoshi through an endless series of random missions and pages. The player must complete the mission(s) and reach the goal to advance to the next page as many times as possible. The minigame ends when either Yoshi fails to complete a mission on a page or loses a life. Complete the game.
Yoshi's Big Jump icon
Yoshi's Big Jump
This minigame takes place in a snowy mountain. The player must tilt the console to the right, making Yoshi to slide down the mountain. After some seconds, the player must jump by pressing A Button. Depending on how fast he slides down the mountain and how late his jump is, the longer and higher it is going to be. Complete the Eggling Book.
Yoshi's Pirate Battle icon
Yoshi's Pirate Battle
This minigame takes place in a Shy Guy Ship and the time limit is 30 seconds. The player must tilt the console to the left and to the right repeatedly, causing the ship to do a loop. Yoshi must make the ship do as many loops as he can to win points. Complete the Eggling Book.
Yoshi's Time Attack icon
Yoshi's Time Attack
Ball Yoshi must complete a level as fast as he can. Complete the Eggling Book.
Shuffle Mode EX icon, from Yoshi Topsy-Turvy.
Shuffle Mode EX
A more challenging version of Shuffle Mode. Get every Gold Medal in Story Mode.

Eggling Book[edit]

The Eggling Book is a book with seven pages with every Eggling that Yoshi has rescued. In this book, the player can see the name and the class of every Eggling.

Eggling species Name and image
Gold Eggling Gold Eggling sprite
Silver Eggling Silver Eggling sprite
Pearl Eggling Pearl Eggling sprite
Zebra Eggling Zebra Eggling sprite
Zebra Eggling sprite
Panda Eggling Panda Eggling sprite
Panda Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling Squirrel Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling sprite
Squirrel Eggling sprite
Tiger Eggling Tiger Eggling sprite
Tiger Eggling sprite
Leopard Eggling Leopard Eggling sprite
Leopard Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling Cow Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling sprite
Cow Eggling sprite
Snake Eggling Snake Eggling sprite
Snake Eggling sprite
Snake Eggling sprite
Snake Eggling sprite
Snake Eggling sprite
Snake Eggling sprite
Ann Conda
Snake Eggling sprite
Giraffe Eggling Giraffe Eggling sprite
Giraffe Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling Turtle Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling sprite
Turtle Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling Bee Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling sprite
Bee Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Deer Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling Dove Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling sprite
Dove Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling Flamingo Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling sprite
Flamingo Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling Raccoon Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling sprite
Raccoon Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Owl Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Angel Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite
Bear Eggling sprite

Yoshi's Transformations[edit]

Throughout the game, Yoshi may transform into a unique object. These transformations are obligatory to complete certain areas and to collect certain items.

Image Name Description
Yoshi sprite Yoshi Yoshi in his normal form. He can lick up enemies or apples, Flutter Jump, and use gravity to tilt objects around him. He has an eight-point health meter. If Yoshi runs out of HP, he will lose a life, and if Yoshi runs out of lives, he will get a Game Over.
Ship Yoshi sprite Ship Yoshi Yoshi can float above the water and will continually move forward. The water level can be changed by tilting the console left or right. If Yoshi touches the ground and there's no water where he is, he won't be able to move, but if the water touches him he can move again. Getting held back by an object may cause Yoshi to go off-screen and he will lose a life.
Balloon Yoshi sprite Balloon Yoshi The first transformation encountered. Yoshi will becomes a hot-air balloon and slowly float downward. By tilting the console left or right, he can drift to that corresponding direction. Coins, spikes and other obstacles are usually found on the way down.
Ball Yoshi sprite Ball Yoshi Yoshi becomes an invincible bouncy ball. By tilting the console, Ball Yoshi will bounce and move in that direction. If Yoshi comes into contact with a concrete block, it will crack and ultimately break. Touching an enemy in this form will defeat it.
Boat Yoshi sprite Boat Yoshi Similar and a little faster than the Ship form, Yoshi turns into a boat. This form has two paddlewheels which turn and allow Yoshi to move. Yoshi can jump using A Button and the player can change the water level by tilting the console to the left and to the right. Obstacles such as Igashira-kuns and walls are found along the route Yoshi takes. If he is held back by an obstacle, he will lose a life if he goes off the screen. This transformation is only encountered twice at Chapter Six.


Image Name Description
Big Boo sprite Big Boo Big Boos only appear in four missions, and will follow Yoshi if he is not looking at them. If Yoshi is looking at it, it will hold still and shield its face.
Sprite of a Boo from Yoshi Topsy-Turvy Boo Boos only appear in Mission 6-7, and act just like their larger counterpart.
Daruma Otoshi-kun Daruma Otoshi-kun A spiked, invincible enemy that only appears four times in the game late in Chapter Six.
Fat Guy sprite King Debuhō King Debuhō is a larger version of a Fat Guy. Yoshi cannot defeat this enemy. When Yoshi jumps on their heads, they bounce back.
Fly Guy sprite Fly Guy Fly Guys are pretty much the same as Shy Guys, except that they have the ability to fly. They fly with the propellers attached to their heads. They also appear holding Coins that Yoshi can collect with his tongue.
Goonie sprite Goonie Goonie is a bird enemy that can only continually fly forward. Tilting the system can cause it to fly upwards or downwards. If Yoshi jumps on one's head, it does not damage them but Yoshi can stand on their heads to reach certain locations.
Gusty sprite Gusty Gustys are ghosts that continually fly forward, just like Goonies do. They usually appear in groups.
Igashira-kun sprite Igashira-kun Igashira-kun are round, spike-covered enemies that are always sleeping, but wake up if the player tilts the console. When the console is tilted, the enemy rolls to the left or the right, and if the system is not tilted he falls asleep again. Igashira-kun are actually used as weapons to defeat enemies that Yoshi cam not bring down on his own, such as Tap-Tap.
Mace Guy sprite Mace Guy Mace Guys are Shy Guys with a mace which they continually spin. They only appear in seven missions, six of them in Chapter Six and one in Chapter Five.
Piranha Plant sprite Piranha Plant Piranha Plants cannot be defeated by Yoshi and lack the ability to move. If Yoshi goes into one of them, it holds him in its mouth for about three seconds and then spits him out.
Raven sprite Raven Ravens are black birds. They can walk on walls and are not affected by gravity.
Red Shy Guy spriteGreen Shy Guy spriteYellow Shy Guy sprite Shy Guy Shy Guys simply walk forward, as they normally do in most of their appearances. They can be defeated by being jumped on or consumed by Yoshi.
Tap-Tap sprite Tap-Tap Tap-Tap Tap-Taps are spike-covered enemies that cannot be defeated by Yoshi. Just like Shy Guys, Tap-Taps simply walk forward and take away most of Yoshi's power if they touch him. Orange Tap-Taps only appear during the battle against Bowser, where they roll along the ground whichever way the player is tilting after Bowser performs a slam attack.


Image Name Description
"Bowser" from Yoshi Topsy-Turvy Spirit Who Loves Surprises The Spirit Who Loves Surprises uses a cardboard version of Bowser in The Tale of Bowser's Fields. He spits fireballs at Yoshi like the real one, but is then revealed to be a fake.
BowserYUG.png Bowser Bowser appears in the final chapter The Tale of Bowser's Cave where he is fought. He spits fireballs at Yoshi and can be defeated by throwing bombs at him.


Image Name Description
Coin Coin Coins are scattered throughout the courses. They are a lot more common during the Spirit of Greed missions. Collecting 100 will give Yoshi an extra life.
Bomb sprite Bomb Bombs are often seen attached to parachutes, floating down from an upper part of a course. Tilting the console will affect the direction that the bomb is falling. Once it hits the ground, it will explode and can defeat enemies and harm Yoshi. During the battle against Bowser, several bombs without parachutes will fall to the ground during the first phase of the battle. These will roll along the ground in accordance to the tilt. They flash red after a few seconds, and will explode shortly afterwards.
Heart sprite Heart Hearts are common items. If Yoshi eats one, he will restore one point to the Health Meter.
Big heart sprite Big heart Big Hearts are much less common than ordinary Hearts. Eating one will fully replenish Yoshi's Health Meter.
Apple Apple Apples are Egglings cursed by Bowser. If Yoshi is to swallow one, he rescues an Eggling from Bowser's curse. These apples are very important in missions given by the Spirit of Cuteness.
Gold Medal sprite Gold Medal Gold Medals are given to Yoshi if he gets does a better job than the required by the Spirits. An example of this, if he swallows more apples than required by the Spirit of Cuteness, he wins a Gold Medal.
Silver Medal sprite Silver Medal Silver Medals are given to Yoshi if he does a job near the required by the Sprits. An example of this, if he eats the required amount of apples approximate to the amount given by the Spirit of Cuteness, he wins a Silver Medal.


Image Name Description
Ball sprite Ball The ball's function is the same as the boulder, but when it rolls over a xylophone, a rising note appears.
Ball and Chain Ball and Chain A Ball and Chain can be used to smash a wall.
Basket Basket A green basket with five coins. These coins can be collected by tilting the console left and right repeatedly, making the basket go upside down.
Bolder sprite Boulder An object which Yoshi is able to move by tilting. Boulders usually appear in places where spikes are found. Yoshi is able to ride atop a Boulder to safely cross the spikes. On other occasions, a Boulder may appear near a line of enemies. Yoshi is able to guide the Boulder and send it rolling into the enemies, thus defeating them.
Cannon sprite Cannon Cannons can be found throughout miscellaneous courses. Yoshi can use them as a method of traveling from one place to another. Tilting the console will affect the direction the cannon tilts. Yoshi can enter in one by jumping at its top. The cannon fires automatically after a few seconds.
Checkpoint sprite Checkpoint A checkpoint warp takes Yoshi to a different area in the level.
Ferris wheel Ferris wheel When the player tilts the console, the Ferris Wheel will rotate which allows Yoshi to defeat enemies by running into them.
Goal sprite Goal A large star that Yoshi must touch at the end of every level.
Green Half Lift sprite Small Old Half Lift sprite Half Lift Half Lifts are smaller versions of the normal lifts, but they are not connected to rails. Tilting the console makes them swing back and forth. They come in green and brown colors, but act the same.
Green Lift sprite Old Lift sprite Lift When the player tilts the console, the lift will swing back and forth. They are attached to rails and come in green and brown colors. Both versions behave the same as each other.
Rising note sprites Rising note A rising note appears when a ball rolls over a xylophone. Yoshi can use them as platforms. They slowly rise, but if Yoshi is standing on the note, it will not move.
Rolled-up carpet sprite Rolled-up carpet The rolled-up carpet starts out as a coil, but will roll itself out when the player tilts the console.
<span class="explain" style="color:inherit" title="The name of this subject is conjectural and has not been officially confirmed.">Shy Guy Ship</span> Shy Guy Ship When the player tilts the console, the Shy Guy Ship will swing back and forth and can be swung around in a full circle.
Snowball sprite Snowball Yoshi can use snowballs to defeat enemies and get to high-to-reach places and can be moved by tilting the console like the boulders and balls.
Spike sprite Spike Spikes are obstacles that hurt Yoshi upon contact. They can be crossed over safely by rolling on a boulder.
Wall Wall A square concrete block that Yoshi can break using a Ball and Chain or being transformed in Ball Yoshi. Spikeball can also break the block. It take three hits to break and one to have a crack.
Xylophone Xylophone When a ball rolls over a xylophone, the xylophone produces a rising note.
Yajirobē sprite Yajirobē When the player tilts the console, the Yajirobē spills coins all over the place, allowing Yoshi to collect them.


Yoshi's Topsy-Turvy received mixed reviews. As of August 8, 2006, the game’s overall review score was 6.2/10 based on GameRankings collection of reviews.

IGN's Craig Harris noted that the use of the star rings to travel through areas made the game seem rigid as some areas only lasted for seconds. He said that the characters were irritating, the storyline was stupid and the gameplay barely resembled other Yoshi games. They also caused the reviewer frustration when used in ways that made it seem like the developers were making sure players learned to pay attention. He also said that this game is the worst game that Nintendo published to the Game Boy Advance, the tilting concept makes everything feel forcefully clumsy, and that the level design is "all over the quality spectrum, from somewhat challenging to ridiculously stupid". He gave the game a 5/10, or "Mediocre".

GameSpot's Justin Calvert stated that the adventure was fun and clever when it began, but after a while, the graphics, sounds and gameplay mechanics became repetitive. He said that the game is very short, and that he had little reason to keep playing after meeting the bare requirements for beating the game. He also commented that the areas which require transformations to complete are the most enjoyable in the game. He gave the game a 6.6/10.

1UP.com’s Jeremy Parish stated that the game felt like it had been designed around the motion sensor, unlike WarioWare: Twisted! where it felt like the sensor was designed to fit the game. He felt that the game was sub-par, with choppy tilt-sensing technology thrown in. He gave the game a 4/10.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Game Boy Advance Craig Harris, IGN 5/10 "Though Nintendo's the one publisher people can depend on for A+++ titles on the Game Boy Advance, even it isn't immune to producing the occasional clunker. Yoshi Topsy Turvy isn't among the "terrible" batch of GBA titles, but it's certainly the worst game Nintendo's published for the system. The tilt concept most likely looked great in a design document, but in practice the idea makes everything feel forcefully clunky. The level designs are all over the quality spectrum, from somewhat challenging to ridiculously stupid, and as a whole this portable game is not a worthy follow-up to previous Yoshi-headlined platformers."
Game Boy Advance Justin Calvert, GameSpot 6.6/10 "The visuals and audio in Yoshi's Topsy-Turvy are every bit as charming as those in previous Yoshi games, and if it weren't for the fact that they're just as repetitive as the gameplay, they'd be very difficult to fault. Yoshi's Topsy-Turvy, then, is fun to begin with, but it manages to become repetitive long before you finish it--which might take you only five or six hours. For what it's worth, the game's difficulty curve is nigh perfect, and after breezing through the early chapters, you'll almost certainly struggle to beat some of the later courses on your first couple of attempts. It's not a bad game by any means; it's just a repetitive and disappointingly short one."
Game Boy Advance Phil Theobald, Gamespy 2/5 "It's a shame that Topsy-Turvy feels so bland, because there are some solid ideas underneath the dull stages and poorly implemented technology. Maybe if there's a sequel, we'll see some improvements, but for right now, it looks like motion sensors are better suited for micro-games than platformers."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 60
GameRankings 61.12%


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The game was developed by Artoon and published by Nintendo, with the directors being Hidetoshi Takeshita and Hiroto Saiki and the producers being Masaki Tawara and Naoto Ohshima.


Main article: List of Yoshi Topsy-Turvy quotes
  • "I just love, love, LOVE cute little things! Yes, I'm the spirit who loves cuteness above all! But all is not cute in the world now. Listen to this! All of my tiny Eggling pals... Each and every one... They were turned into apples by the evil, evil Bowser!" - Spirit of Cuteness explaining to Yoshi what Bowser did to the Egglings.
  • "Oh! Hey, you! You got lots of money or what? I'm the spirit who loves money more than anything!" - Spirit of Greed asking how much money Yoshi have.
  • "I'm the spirit who loves all things mighty! If you understand me, then let your mighty voice ROAR! A strong body often shows a strong heart, you know. So I want you to defeat many enemies... ...and become a hero!" - Spirit of Power explaining what to do to Yoshi.
  • "I am the spirit who treasures kindness above everything. If you want to get past here... ...collect eight Happiness Medals! But if you disturb the peace even the slightest bit... I will PUNISH you!!!" - Spirit of Kindness giving to Yoshi a warning.
  • "You can't just sit around and space out! You're in the way! Huh? You were running? You're slower than molasses! You see, I am the spirit who loves all things swift! I can't stand people who loaf around like slackers! Prove to me you can run fast as the wind... ...by getting six or more Happiness Medals. Then I'll let you go!" - Spirit of Speed explaining what Yoshi must do to win a Happiness Medal.
  • "Hmm??? Who's there? Ah, I see... Are you really... that interested... in knowing more about... me? Really? Well... I love... scary things... I'm the... spirit who loves... all things scary..." - Spirit of Fright saying what kind of things he likes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーの万有引力
Yosshī no ban'yū inryoku
Yoshi's Universal Gravitation
German Yoshi's Universal Gravitation -
Spanish (NOE) Yoshi's Universal Gravitation -

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