Bonus Chance!

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This article is about the bonus game from Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. For the slot machine bonus game from Super Mario Bros. 2, see Bonus Chance.
Bonus Chance! screenshot
Screenshot of Bonus Chance!

Bonus Chance! is a minigame found in Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. After each mission, Yoshi falls from the ceiling and stomps on a wheel, causing it to spin. The wheel has eight spots; if the player gets a Happiness Medal, four of them have Yoshi's head and the other four have a green "X" icon. If the player gets a Silver Medal, it has two Yoshi's head icons and six with a green "X" icon. Additionally, if the player gets a Gold Medal, they get better odds at winning. The player must press A Button to make the wheel stop spinning. If the wheel lands on a Yoshi's head icon, Yoshi can play a Bonus Mission!. If it lands on an "X", then he loses the game.