Spirit of Kindness

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The Spirit of Kindness.
Spirit of Kindness
The Spirit of Kindness introducing herself to Yoshi.
“Please return to us our ideal, peaceful land.”
Spirit of Kindness, Yoshi Topsy-Turvy

The Spirit of Kindness is the fifth of the Yoshi Island Spirits seen within the Forbidden Pop-Up Book in the game Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. She desires world peace, but has a mixed diva, snobby and bossy attitude. Unlike her counterpart, the Spirit of Power, she won't give Yoshi a Happiness Medal if he defeats four or more enemies in the level, which can be difficult to avoid as the enemies often get in the way.


This Spirit of Kindness resembles a rose. She wears a lilac-colored V-neck dress that extends down and over her wispy tail. Her face is a green flower stem, and her arms are long, veined leaves. She wears wide, pink tinted glasses. Her hair is a giant rose. Her appearance could have also drawn inspiration from the style of the 1950s, due to cateye glasses and the style of the dress she wears, and also because her petals resemble a beehive hairstyle, all of which were popular in that timeframe.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese やさしいの大好き精霊
Yasashii no daisuki seirei
Kindness-loving spirit

Italian Spirito della Gentilezza
Spirit of Kindness