World 4-2 (Super Mario Land)

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World 4-2
Chai Kingdom: World 4-2
World Chai Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Time limit 400
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World 4-2 is the eleventh level of Super Mario Land, part of the Chai Kingdom of Sarasaland. It takes place in a mountain range, on a floor made of blocks.


Mario begins the level in front of a pipe with two platforms above a pit. After that is an area with solid platforms, Mystery Blocks, and a Bombshell Koopa. Right after is a similar area with two Bombshell Koopas, a Pompon Flower, and one Mystery Block containing a power-up. Next is a pipe with a Bullet Biff cannon that leads to a bonus room entirely filled with coins. After that is another pit with stationary platforms above it with an empty pipe after. Next is another pit with a Nyololin on the other side.

The next part of the level is enclosed in walls, with two sections divided into two parts. The top contains many Mystery Blocks and bricks together, and the bottom has several pipes alternating between upside down and right-side up, with most pipes having a Piranha Plant. Next is an area with platforms and two Mystery Blocks, one containing a power-up. A Goombo, Bombshell Koopa, and Pompon Flower are also present.

The level then becomes enclosed in wide, black blocks. In the first part, many Roto Discs are present, along with four pipes, a Piranha Plant, and a Goombo. A Mystery Block with a Roto Disc rotating around it appears, with a Star in the block. Ahead is a pit that must be crossed with horizontal-moving lifts, along with Bombshell Koopas and a Nyololin. Next is two pipes, with the left one leading to a bonus room identical to the previous one. After passing more Roto Discs, Mario must dash across Hard Blocks over a pit. After passing an upside down Piranha Plant, Mario reaches a thin, vertical-moving lift. It takes Mario up to ground above a pit. Once Mario rides down on a dropping lift he reaches the goal area. Mario must jump up dropping lifts and dash across Hard Blocks to reach the higher door.


Level statistics[edit]