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Ruler Princess Daisy
First Appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

Sarasaland is the setting for Super Mario Land. The realm itself is a country ruled by Princess Daisy. It consists of four constituent countries referred to as kingdoms. It is separate from the Mushroom Kingdom, but exists within the same universe. Daisy is the only known ruler of the entirety of Sarasaland, although she has mentioned her father in games including Mario Party 3 and Fortune Street.


Super Mario Land series[edit]

In Super Mario Land, Sarasaland, a normally peaceful country, is attacked by an evil space alien named Tatanga, who hypnotizes the inhabitants, taking control over Sarasaland, and kidnaps Daisy. Mario returns peace to Sarasaland by rescuing Daisy and foiling Tatanga's conquest.

In the manual of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, it is revealed that Wario had used Tatanga's attack as a means to take over Mario's castle while Mario was saving Sarasaland.


Sarasaland has not made an actual appearance in many years, and has since been reduced to mere-mentions in Daisy's profile-information for her game appearances, including Mario Superstar Baseball and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Mario Party 3 also briefly references Sarasaland: among all questions available in the M.P.I.Q. minigame, Toad can ask the players who the princess of Sarasaland is. In Fortune Street, Daisy's dialogue as well as the responses by the other characters frequently mention the kingdom. Likewise, both the title and description for the event course Adventure in Sarasaland from Super Mario Maker mention Princess Daisy's kingdom, as does her bio in Super Mario Run.

General information[edit]


The name "Sarasaland" comes from the calico textiles imported by Portuguese traders from India to Japan during the Edo Period, becoming widely popular and known by their Portuguese name, "sarasa"[1]. Calico, or sarasa, textiles are most commonly floral patterns made up of multiple, contrasting colors[2], which is why Sarasaland's ruler, Princess Daisy, is named after a flower[3]. Moreover, just as animal color patterns are named after the fabric (i.e. calico cats, etc.), Sarasaland's name alludes to the fact it is composed of multiple, diverse kingdoms.

"Sarasaland" was left untranslated for the English release of Super Mario Land, and subsequent releases have often rendered the name differently. The Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins manual spaces the name out as Sarasa Land, and the Daisy trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee hyphenates the name as Sarasa-land; both spaces or hyphens are methods of romanizing the interpunct used in the Japanese name, which had been disregarded during the initial Super Mario Land localization. In addition, the Official GameBoy Players Guide refers to it only as the country of Sarasa, while Daisy's Mario Superstar Baseball profile erroneously calls it Sarasara Land.

Constituent countries[edit]

As mentioned, Sarasaland is made up of four, separate kingdoms. They are all inspired by real life locations.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サラサ・ランド
Sarasa Rando
Sarasa Land
Spanish Sarasaland Sarasaland
French Sarasaland Sarasaland
Dutch Sarasaland Sarasaland
German Sarasaland Sarasaland
Italian Sarasaland Sarasaland
Portuguese Sarasaland Sarasaland
Russian Сарасаленд


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