Toad Shot

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Toad Shot

Toad Shot is one of the three minigames in Super Princess Peach. In this game, the player shoots at enemies with their stylus to gain points under a certain time limit.

There are ten levels of difficulty that the player may choose from, each one requiring the player to obtain a higher point total within the same time limit. At higher levels there are more higher-scoring targets, but more penalty targets (Mario and Luigi) appear.

List of the enemies and their point worth[edit]

Enemy Point Worth
Bowser 10 Points (Takes multiple hits)
Hammer Bro 5 Points
Koopa Troopa 3 Points
Goomba 1 Point
Bob-omb 0 Points (Can destroy enemies nearby when touched)
Miss -1 Point
Luigi -3 Points
Mario -10 Points

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオショット
Kinopio Shotto
Toad Shot
Spanish ¡Tirad, Toad! Shoot, Toad!