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Artwork of Bowser holding the Vibe Scepter
Bowser holding the Vibe Scepter
“We did it! We finally found it! The legendary Vibe Scepter!”
Army Hammer Bro, Super Princess Peach

The Vibe Scepter, or Vibe Wand,[1] is a magic wand in Super Princess Peach. It affects the enemies' vibes.

The four faces of the Vibe Scepter

Bowser, at his summer villa on Vibe Island, discovers the Vibe Scepter's power and ability to control characters' emotions. Bowser successfully uses Army Hammer Bro and Hammer Bros. to find and retrieve the wand. The Koopa Troop also successfully uses a Goomba to kidnap Mario, Luigi, and several Toads. This Goomba, affected by the Joy vibe, however, misuses the Scepter, and creates the same havoc in Bowser's Villa and Vibe Island as seen in Peach's Castle.

When Toadsworth, Peach, and a Toad discover what has happened, Princess Peach decides to rescue the Mario Bros., taking Perry with her. Peach encounters several enemies affected by the Vibe Scepter on her adventure but does not know this until the final fight with Bowser.

During the first part of her battle with Bowser, he takes advantage of several different vibes. In the second half, Bowser uses the power of the scepter to increase in size and strength. However, Peach defeats Bowser and knocks him over the horizon, making him drop the Vibe Scepter. What ultimately happens to it is unknown, but the ending sequence suggests that it somehow wound up in the player's own home, affecting their parents.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キド・アイラックのつえ
Kido Airakku no tsue
Vibe Island's wand

Italian Emozioscettro
Emotion Scepter
Spanish Sensacetro
Sensation Scepter


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