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The cover of Nintendo DREAM volume 292, released in August 2018 and featuring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Cover of Nintendo DREAM volume 292, featuring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo DREAM is a Nintendo game magazine published in Japan. Originally titled The 64 DREAM, the magazine's first volume was released in July 1996[1] and features coverage on Super Mario 64, with volumes 1 through 55 covering games for the Nintendo 64. One feature during this era was a comic strip titled Dream Drunker illustrated by Shigehisa Nakaue, which starred Bowser and a single Shy Guy in stories promoting recent Nintendo 64 releases. Nakaue would later leave the magazine in 2003 to work directly with Nintendo. The magazine's title was changed to Nintendo DREAM to account for the release of the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance, starting with volume 56, the May 2001 issue.[2][better source needed] An appendix to the December 1999 issue is titled The GB DREAM, and features a manga with Super Mario characters and coverage of Game Boy games.[3]

The magazine is published monthly on the 21st day of every month. From the release of volume 72 on August 21, 2002 to the release of volume 135 in July 2005, the magazine was instead published twice monthly, on both the 6th and 21st day of each month.[2][better source needed] The magazine is referred to by shorthand as Nindori, which is also its official Twitter handle and the name of a villager in the Animal Crossing series, who serves as the magazine's mascot. Nintendo DREAM also has its own YouTube channel, as well as a website known as Nintendo DREAM WEB, which provides online access to articles.


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