Gorilla My Dreams (Saturday Supercade)

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Gorilla My Dreams"
SaturdaySupercade GorillaMyDreams.png
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate USA October 22, 1983
Writer(s) Gordon Kent
Jack Enyart
Michael Maurer
Rick Merwin
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"Gorilla My Dreams" is the sixth episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong segment. Its name is a reference to the phrase "girl of my dreams."

Plot synopsis[edit]

As usual, the episode begins with Donkey Kong being chased by Mario and Pauline, this time into a city port. Pauline inquires whether he ever gets tired of being chased, to which he indicates that he does not. In front of an ocean liner known as the S.S. Romance, he spots suitcases stacked on a cart and uses it to get farther ahead, though Mario insists he is able to keep up with him. At this, Donkey Kong gets off the cart and opens a briefcase, rummaging through it, pulling out various contents until he finds a can of shaving cream. He proceeds to fill a sock with it before tying it and hurling it directly toward Mario, coating him with cream. Clearly amused with this, Donkey Kong rummages through more suitcases to find several white sheets.

Meanwhile, the captain aboard the cruise liner welcomes Miss Persimmon O'Hara, a wealthy Southern belle who introduces herself in a flirtatious manner, requesting she be called by her first name, fluttering her eyelids and pinching his cheek. After she is directed to her cabin, she kisses him. Though the captain smiles, he continues to salute crewmembers Barnacle and Long John, who recognize O'Hara and her financial status, beginning a plot to kidnap her and steal her fortune. At this time, Donkey Kong boards the ship, using the sheets to disguised himself as a swami. Noticing Donkey Kong has boarded, Mario puts himself and Pauline into a chest about to be put onboard.

Barnacle and Long John, on deck, notice O'Hara and make their first attempt toward kidnapping her, attempting to drag her away. Donkey Kong, hiding in a nearby life boat, hears her cries for help and successfully pulls her away from her captors, causing her to lose her glasses in the process. Donkey Kong proceeds to put Barnacle and Long John into funnels before tossing them into her sea. O'Hara, shown to be nearly blind without her glasses, identifies the large app as a large, handsome man and becomes infatuated with him, offering him millions of dollars and anything he desires. Donkey Kong requests bananas, at which she informs him she owns the largest plantation on Earth. Barnacle and Long John, still bobbing in the ocean, discuss how their goal would be much more difficult with them together.

Having successfully boarded the ship themselves, Mario and Pauline run down the deck, with Mario slipping on Donkey Kong's banana peel and sliding into the children's pool. Pauline chastises him before noticing Donkey Kong in a folding chair, being handfed bananas by Miss O'Hara. Mario uses a boy's inner tube, modeled after a blond woman, to get Donkey Kong into the water, with Pauline crying out as though she were drowning. Against O'Hara's wishes, Donkey Kong approaches the pool. Rather than leaping in, he pulls the handle off a broom to create a straw, using it to drain the pool. In doing so, he catches Mario and blows him upward in a geyser. When Pauline demands he stop, Donkey Kong does so, causing Mario to bounce off a diving board into a folding chair, trapping him.

When Pauline attempts to coax Donkey Kong into returning to the circus, Miss O'Hara refuses, reminding Donkey Kong of her promise should he stay with her. As Donkey Kong clearly contemplates his choices, O'Hara pulls him away, announcing her intention to marry him as soon as he can get a tuxedo. Barnacle and Long John, now back on the deck, decide that Donkey Kong has feelings for Pauline. As such, they use a net to abduct her and hang her over the water, luring Donkey Kong away from O'Hara. Just after the duo rush toward O'Hara, the net Pauline is in breaks, sending her into the ocean. Donkey Kong boards an inflatable boat nearby and pulls the plug to propel himself toward Pauline to rescue her in time. Long John and Barnacle fall in afterward, having planned to use the boat for a getaway. Finding O'Hara tied up, Donkey Kong saves her as well, and is lead toward the wedding hall, where the captain has preparations for them. Mario and Pauline dart after them, with Barnacle and Long John in hot pursuit.

The passengers and captain, having gathered in an auditorium for the marriage, express shock and disapproval when they walk down the aisle, seeing that she is marrying an ape. Long John and Barnacle, dressed as bridesmaids carrying her dress, agree that their scheme is working. Meanwhile, Mario and Pauline reveal their hiding location inside a hollow wedding cake. The ceremony, held by the captain, begins with him calling Donkey Kong an ape before correcting himself to call him a man. Mario uses the icing of the cake as a rope at the same time the sailor duo put their plan into motion. When the captain asks if anyone objects to the marriage, Mario and Pauline exclaim they do, to the surprise of almost everyone. Using the rope, Mario attempts to lasso Donkey Kong, inadvertently hitting the captain instead. Donkey Kong runs down the aisle to escape, though Mario, already waiting at the end, folds him into the long carpet, capturing him. However, Long John and Barnacle succeed once again in capturing Miss O'Hara at this very time, now running off with her. Pauline convinces a very reluctant Mario to release Donkey Kong in order for her to be rescued.

Back outside, the sailors, still in disguise, begin to escape in a life boat with O'Hara in tow. Donkey Kong approaches the ship's bow and uses an anchor as a lasso, capturing both Barnacle and Long John. As O'Hara is now out of danger, Mario resumes the chase, running directly toward Donkey Kong. Miss O'Hara is left alone in the lifeboat, rescued by the captain in a different lifeboat, who removes his own glasses to find her attractive as well. Mario uses a lasso to make one final attempt to capture Donkey Kong, who evades him by hopping onto a shark and making his way out to sea. With Mario clearly in disbelief, Pauline attempts to console him, reminding him that he has caught him once and would be able to do so again, though Mario rejects this.