Gorilla My Dreams (Saturday Supercade)

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Gorilla My Dreams"
SaturdaySupercade GorillaMyDreams.png
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate USA October 22, 1983
Writer(s) Gordon Kent
Jack Enyart
Michael Maurer
Rick Merwin
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Gorilla My Dreams is the sixth episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade.[1] Its name is a reference to the phrase "girl of my dreams".

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario and Pauline continued their chase with Donkey Kong into a city port. Pleading for Donkey Kong to wait, Pauline asked him if he ever got tired of being chased, to which he responded in the negative. In front of an ocean liner, the S.S. Romance, the ape spotted several suitcases stacked on a cart. Inspired, he took hold of the cart and ran with it as Mario declared his ability to endure the chase just as long as Donkey Kong could, calling him a "big hunk of fuzz." Chuckling at the insult, the ape stopped running and searched through one of the suitcases, throwing aside its contents, until he found a can of shave cream. Filling a sock with it and tying the sock into a not, he hurled his makeshift balloon at Mario, covering his owner's face in shaving cream. Watching as passengers board the ship, Donkey Kong again searched through the suitcase and found a several white sheets.

On board the captain welcomed aboard Miss Persimmon O'Hara. Flirtatiously, she introduced herself and requested that the captain call her by her first name as she fluttered her eyelids, expressing her love of "seafaring gentlemen" and pinching his cheek. Changing the subject, the captain directed her to her cabin, number 222. As she left for her room, Miss O'Hara kissed the captain on the lips. The captain smiled as she left, then turned to salute crewmembers Barnacle and Long John. Excitedly, Long John pointed out Persimmon, identifying her as the "southern belle." Barnacle commented that she was "not much to look at," but Long John protested that she was filthy rich and announced his plans for them to kidnap her and steal her money. Donkey Kong entered the ship, using the sheets as a makeshift turban and robe. The captain welcomed him aboard, calling him "swami." They bowed to one another and Donkey Kong continued on his way, singing a stereotypical middle-eastern tune. Mario and Pauline had followed their ape and realized his plot. Mario leapt into a chest with the intention of sneaking aboard the ship himself. Pauline hesitated, but Mario quickly pulled her in after himself, and she closed the chest on them.

As Miss O'Hara looked out from the deck, Barnacle and Long John approached with the intention of kidnapping her. As they passed, Donkey Kong, who was hiding in a life boat, dropped a banana peel onto the deck and then overheard Miss O'Hara's cries for help. The two crew members had grabbed her by her arms and she was attempting to break free. Donkey Kong quickly grabbed her, pulling her away from her captors. She lost her glasses in the process. Next, the ape grabbed two nearby funnels, ripped them up, and slammed them down upon Barnacle and Long John. Stuck in the funnels, Donkey Kong tossed them into the sea. Miss O'Hara blindly prodded the ape with her fingers, stating that she had lost her glasses, but would know her hero anywhere. Without her glasses, the southern belle identified the ape as a "handsome hunk of man" and became infatuated. Claiming that he was a dream come true, she offered him her millions of dollars and anything he wanted. Donkey Kong thought about the offer, then asked her for bananas. Excitedly, Miss O'Hara announced that she owned the largest banana plantation on Earth. Happily, the ape chucked and said, "I'm yours." Overhearing the conversation from in the ocean, Barnacle and Long John discussed how their goal would be much harder with O'Hara in love with Donkey Kong.

Meanwhile, now onboard the ship, Mario and Pauline ran down the deck. Mario slipped on Donkey Kong's stray banana peel and slid into the children's pool. Pauline reprimanded Mario, saying it was no time for a dip. Then, she noticed her ape reclined in a folding chair, wearing sunglasses and swim trunks, being handfed bananas by Miss O'Hara. Pauline commented that he had caught a girlfriend. Mario noticed a boy's inner tube, which was modeled after a blonde woman, and responded that he was about to catch a big ape. Taking the inner tube off of the dumbfounded child and promising to bring it right back, Mario laid the tube in the middle of the deep pool, hid under the water with a net, and had Pauline, hidden behind another folder chair, cry out as though she were drowning. Despite Miss O'Hara's protests that Donkey Kong should let someone else save the drowning woman, he leapt up and approached the pool. Pulling the brush off of a broom, the ape had created a straw, which he then used to drain the pool by sucking up the water. In doing so, he caught Mario on the end of the straw, held in place by the suction. Pointing the straw upwards, Donkey Kong blew back the water, sending Mario upwards supported by a fountain of water. Pauline approached the ape and demanded that he stop, to which Donkey Kong agreed. Mario fell downwards, bouncing off of the diving board and landing onto a folding chair, which curled up and trapped him in place. As two nearby lounging women stared in surprise, Mario awkwardly asked if the seat was taken.

Pauline insisted to Donkey Kong that he return to the circus, but Miss O'Hara, believing that Pauline was trying to take her man away from her, reminded Donkey Kong of the money and bananas that awaited him should he stay with her. As the ape deliberated about the situation, Miss O'Hara pulled him away from Pauline, who clenched her fists in anger. As she pulled Donkey Kong by the hand, the southern bell announced her intention to marry him just as soon as they got him a tuxedo. Long John correctly determined that Donkey Kong had feelings for Pauline and made plans to use her to lure him away from O'Hara. Trapping Pauline in a net and hanging her overboard, supported by a pole, Barnacle and Long John did just that, and as Donkey Kong left Miss O'Hara unguarded as Pauline cried for Donkey Kong's help, the crew members made their second attempt to kidnap Miss O'Hara. The net holding Pauline snapped and a shark approached her. However, Donkey Kong stole an inflatable boat that Barnacle and Long John were about to enter, pulling its plug and using the propulsion to rescue Pauline and return the two of them to the deck. The crew members fell into the water. Suddenly, Donkey Kong heard Miss O'Hara crying for help and found her with her hands tied behind her back. He quickly freed her, and she embraced him before leading him toward the room where the captain had made preparations to marry them. Mario and Pauline ran after them, planning to stop the wedding. Likewise, Barnacle and Long John climbed aboard and discussed their intention to do the same.

The passengers and captain had gathered in an auditorium for the marriage of Miss O'Hara and Donkey Kong. In the background, "Camptown Races" played on traditional southern instruments. As the couple began their walk down the aisle, the guests were flabbergasted and disapproving that Miss O'Hara was marrying an ape. The southern belle expressed her disbelief that she would finally be married; Donkey Kong expressed similar sentiments. Barnacle and Long John, dressed as bride's maids, carry her train. Long John commented that their plan was working, and Barnacle simply needed to continue their plot as planned. Meanwhile, Mario and Pauline were hiding together inside of the wedding cake, which was hollow on the inside. The captain began the wedding ceremony, first calling Donkey Kong an ape, and then correcting himself by calling him a man. Mario pulled off the icing of the cake, which turned out to be a rope, as Barnacle and Long John likewise prepared to put their plan into motion. When the captain asked if anyone objected to the wedding, Mario and Pauline exclaimed that they did, much to the surprise of the others. Using the rope as a lasso, Mario aimed for Donkey Kong, but missed and tied up the captain instead. Donkey Kong ran back down the aisle, but Mario was waiting for him at the end, holding the end of the long carpet on which Donkey Kong was standing. Cracking it like a whip, he tripped the ape and folded up the carpet, capturing him. However, Barnacle and Long John moved in, kidnapping Miss O'Hara and running off with her. Ignoring her cries for help, Mario announced that it was his finest hour, but Pauline protested that he must let Donkey Kong go so that he could save Miss O'Hara. Crying, Mario conceded.

Outside, Barnacle and Long John were escaping in a life boat with Miss O'Hara in tow. As he rowed, Long John exclaimed that they would be rich, but the southern belle responded that they would be sorry when Donkey Kong caught them. Barnacle brushed aside the threat, claiming that the ape "ran off" with Pauline. Donkey Kong approached the ship's bow and, using the anchor as a lasso, captured both Barnacle and Long John. As soon as he had done so, Mario resumed the chase. Donkey Kong climbed up a metal pole pursued by Mario. Meanwhile, Miss O'Hara was still in the lifeboat. The captain approached her in an additional lifeboat. Surprised, she stated that she did not know he cared for her. Taken aback, the captain responded that he had not known either. Removing his glasses, he stated that she was slightly attractive after all and threw his glasses into the ocean. Near the top of the metallic pole, two rods stuck out perpendicularly. Donkey Kong stood on one of these as Mario prepared to capture him with a lasso once more. Using the rod as though it were a diving board, the ape leapt onto the back of the shark and made his way out to sea. When Mario returned to the deck, Pauline exclaimed that he was escaping, but attempted to console Mario: if he caught him once, he could catch him again. However, Mario protested that such a feat was "easier said than done when you're dealing with…" Donkey Kong cried out his own name, completing the statement as, "easier said than done when you're dealing with Donkey Kong!"


  • Mario refers to Donkey Kong as a "hairy Boy Scout" after the ape captures Barnacle and Long John, referencing the Boy Scouts.


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