Banana Bikers

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Banana Bikers"
Donkey Kong with Bruto the biker.
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate USA October 1, 1983
Writer(s) Michael Maurer
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"Banana Bikers" is the third episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong segment.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario and Pauline are trying to capture Donkey Kong in the desert by painting a giant billboard with a banana and Pauline on it, the "two things that putrid furball can't resist". Mario's plan is that when Donkey Kong stops to look at the billboard, he will trip a palm tree trap, which will capture him. However, Donkey Kong is coming the opposite direction on roller skates, so he can't see the billboard. Donkey Kong rolls onto a car carrier, which launches him into the billboard, tearing a hole in it. Mario ends up falling into his own trap, and Mario remarks that the trap at least works. Donkey Kong continues rolling down the road, and stops at the Big Banana Malt Shop, which has a giant banana for its sign. Donkey Kong climbs up the sign, thinking it's a real banana.

A biker gang, made up of the leader Bruto and two unnamed members, drive down the road, being chased by police. Since they crossed the county line, the police cannot capture them. The sheriff says he will lock them up "the next time they set foot in Pleasant Bluff". The bikers are not afraid, and drive away. The bikers stop at the Big Banana Malt Shop, and the short biker and the other biker want to go back and get the police officers. Bruto tells them they need new gang members first. He says they need to be as strong as a gorilla, only for he and the other bikers to look up and see Donkey Kong climbing on the sign. The bikers quickly drive away, and the giant banana falls onto the ground. Donkey Kong picks up the banana, but is unable to peel it. When he does manage to peel it, it's entirely hollow and Donkey Kong angrily throws it away. Bruto remarks Donkey Kong is the perfect member to get back at the sheriff, and he and the other bikers offer Donkey Kong a lot of bananas. Bruto tells him that there's plenty more bananas if he joins their gang. Donkey Kong gladly agrees to do so. The bikers return to their bikes with Donkey Kong, and after getting dressed in a biker outfit, the bikers and Donkey Kong drive off.

Mario and Pauline, in their circus van, spot Donkey Kong on the bike, and Pauline says Donkey Kong could get in trouble in a biker gang. The bikers and Donkey Kong drive to the Sheriff building, which is in a dusty western town. Bruto yells for the sheriff. The sheriff tells them he said he would arrest them the next time they set foot in town, but when he sees Donkey Kong, gets scared. After being tossed by Donkey Kong after shaking hands with him, the sheriff tells the deputies to arrest Donkey Kong. The deputies have no idea how to arrest a giant gorilla, so the sheriff tells them to lasso with a rope. They manage to lasso Donkey Kong, but he simply launches them away. The deputies bounce off a canopy, and crash into the sheriff, knocking them into a jail cell. The bikers congratulate Donkey Kong, and go off to take him on a "shopping spree".

Mario and Pauline, who were watching in the distance, say they have to stop Donkey Kong before he destroys the town, and Mario rolls out a giant sheet of glue paper to capture Donkey Kong. Pauline tries to lure Donkey Kong over, who bursts out of the General Store. Donkey Kong climbs a banner overhead, avoiding the glue paper all together. Mario ends up falling for his own trap, and gets rolled up in the glue paper. Donkey Kong picks up Pauline, and carries her back into the General store, with Mario running behind him. Donkey Kong locked the doors to the store however, and Donkey Kong drops pots and pans onto Mario from above. Mario rams into the door with the pot on his head in an attempt to get it off, and manages to open the door. Mario runs into to capture Donkey Kong, but the bikers run after him. Mario hears Donkey Kong laugh behind a group of mannequins, which coincidentally look just like Pauline. Mario knocks them all over, and Donkey Kong tries to find the real Pauline in the pile. Donkey Kong ends up accidentally tossing the real Pauline, and she gets caught by Bruto and the bikers. Bruto and the bikers run off, and Mario tells Donkey Kong he got Pauline captured. Donkey Kong feels bad, and angrily runs after the bikers. The bikers manage to escape and drive off, and Donkey Kong jumps across power lines to catch up. Mario, in his circus van, sets a trap for the bikers up ahead, a giant net. Donkey Kong manages to catch up, and jumps on Bruto's bike, rescuing Pauline. Donkey Kong throws Bruto at the other bikers, who crash into Mario's trap. Donkey Kong pulls over and drops Pauline in front of Mario, and the three wave goodbye to the bikers, who are flying the opposite direction. The bikers end up crashing into the sheriff building, and end up in a jail cell. Mario remarks there's only "one more loose end to tie up", but Donkey Kong, carrying a giant pair of binoculars, drops it on the two and drives off. Mario wonders how Donkey Kong learned to be so sneaky, and Pauline says she trained him that way.