New Wave Ape

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Saturday Supercade episode
"New Wave Ape"
SaturdaySupercade NewWaveApe.png
Segment Donkey Kong
Season 2
Episode 4
Airdate USA September 29, 1984
Writer(s) Richard Murphy
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New Wave Ape is the fourth episode of the second season of Saturday Supercade.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario is chasing after Donkey Kong, who has "kidnapped" Pauline. After Donkey Kong dangerously crosses a busy street, he releases Pauline and gives her a bunch of flowers, hypnotizing her with their "beauty". Mario continues the chase.

During the chase, Donkey Kong notices a firm known as "Acme Video", and decides to enter. Inside Acme Video's studio, a band known as Panther and the Thunderbolts is performing, while a couple named Harry and Dee-Dee watch from afar and plot to cheat in order to ruin their chances of winning - by stealing their instruments. One of the band's lead instrumentalists, Pai, comes over and informs the couple that one of their drummers would have to leave because they ate too many chili dogs. As Harry tries to think about what they would do now, Donkey Kong arrives and plays on the drumset, leading Pai to praise his talents and for Harry and Dee-Dee to believe he is perfect for their plan.

Harry and Dee-Dee take them into their "office" as Harry hypnotizes Donkey Kong. Putting his plan in motion, Harry orders him to steal the instruments of the other band and hide them in the alley; he does so without any hardships. Harry and Dee-Dee are impressed, and as he announces his intent to illegitimately win the prize money for the bands' upcoming contest, a shocked Mario and Pauline eavesdrop on them, and agree to stop the couple and free Donkey Kong.

Harry and Dee-Dee take Donkey Kong back to the Thunderbolts, and Pai decides to bring Donkey Kong to the Cutting-Edge Salon to give him a makeover, to which Mario and Pauline decide to follow. After the haircut, Mario and Pauline decide to put their own plan in motion get the other band's instruments back.

During Donkey Kong's rehearsal, Mario and Pauline, disguised as delivery people, interrupt to "sell" "banana pizzas". He has Donkey Kong enter the circus van to pull out the "pizza", then takes out some dough to cream him. Donkey Kong accidentally throws the "pizza", which arcs back and knocks Mario over. Pai, Harry, and Dee-Dee then arrive, and get Donkey Kong to come with them, driving off. Pauline decides to come up with a new plan to get the instruments back.

Donkey Kong is greeted by a number of Thunderbolts fans who cheer him on. As the other band rambles about their missing instruments, Harry and Dee-Dee move back, gloating over their monetary gain as Mario and Pauline continue to eavesdrop on them. Panther and the Thunderbolts begin their performance. In the middle of the performance, Mario and Pauline de-hypnotize Donkey Kong, only to be spotted by Harry and Dee-Dee and captured. They both cry for help, and Donkey Kong rushes in to stop Harry and Dee-Dee. He locks up Harry in a guitar case, then knocks Dee-Dee into the wall with some runaway snare drums. Pauline sends Donkey Kong away to return the other band's instruments, then informs Pai of her managers' criminal natures.

During the other band's performance, Pai promptly fires Harry and Dee-Dee. Panther and the Thunderbolts wins the performance, and as Mario attempts to lasso Donkey Kong, he takes a crash cymbal and spins it to head upwards, surprising Mario and flattering Pauline.