Super Mario: Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit

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Super Mario: Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit (English translation: Super Mario: In the flush of speed) is the name of a 2-page comic published in the 4/1992 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Caped Mario riding Yoshi, in front of an F-Zero machine
Mario and Yoshi violating Brooklyn's new speed limit.

At the beginning of the comic, Mario can be seen brushing his teeth in his bathroom while listening to the radio. The newscaster reports that there is a new speed limit in Brooklyn, allowing only a maximum speed of 80 dp (dinosaur power) when riding a dinosaur. Annoyed by this new law, Mario takes his Cape and flies out of the window in order to get to the "Dino Minister". He lands on Yoshi, telling him of the new limit and commanding him to get a move on. Yoshi is doubtful about this since Mario just told him about a speed limit, nevertheless he follows his instructions. On their way, they see the Blue Falcon just behind them, when being stopped by Luigi in a police suit. Incredulously, Mario claims to have not been faster than 80 dp and asks why Luigi is dressed like a policeman. Luigi replies that he wishes to be called "Officer Luigi" and that Mario was at least at 100 dp. Annoyed, Mario spin-jumps, complaining about nothing being allowed anymore. Luigi tells him that even the Spin Jump is prohibited between one and three PM, finally demanding 60 coins of his brother. Mario falls to the ground and wonders whether it is at least allowed to bid adieu to this "silly story". Yoshi tries to comfort him by saying that, no matter how fast they are, turtles are slower.

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