Ostern im Schwammerlland

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The opening panel of "Ostern im Schwammelland"

Ostern im Schwammerlland (English translation: Easter in the Mushroom Kingdom) is the name of a 2-page comic published in the 2/1992 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

It's almost spring in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario decides to take a walk. On his way, he meets Luigi and both agree to invite Toad and Princess Toadstool to a picnic. All of them bring some food, drinks, and a badminton racket. They sit down, having their picnic, when Mario detects a pink rabbit, carrying a basket full of Eggs. Assuming that it is the Easter bunny, Mario and Luigi follow the rabbit in order to be the first to get their Easter eggs. They do not manage to reach the bunny; however, it drops an especially big, green-dotted egg off its basket. As it turns out in the sequel, it is a Yoshi Egg, and Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toadstool wonder what will emerge from it.


The new born Yoshi meeting his "mommy" Mario

The comic saw its sequel in the following Club Nintendo issue. At the beginning of Super Mario: Die unheimliche Begegnung der Yoshi-Art (English translation: Super Mario: The close encounters of the Yoshi kind), a Yoshi is emerging from the Egg. Immediately Yoshi starts to discover his environment and to search for his "mommy". When facing the surprised Mario, he asks whether he is his mommy which scares Mario and causes him to run away. Yoshi, obviously confused and still reckoning Mario as his mommy, follows Mario while the latter tries to flee. Finally, they accidentally collide. Mario tries to reason with Yoshi that he is not his mommy, to which Yoshi replies that every Yoshi has a mommy and that Mario should be his one. They agree on being "friends", however still arguing about whether Mario would be a good mommy or not.


  • Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Toad having a picnic is also a part of the story for Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • The plot of the second comic is similar to the plot of the Super Mario World animated series episode Mama Luigi, but with Luigi being Yoshi's mother instead of Mario.