Ghosts of Christmas

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The Ghosts of Christmas are characters that appear in the Club Nintendo comic "Warios Weihnachtsmärchen". They are based on the ghosts in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and they serve the same function, that is to make the main character of the story (Wario) aware of his bad behavior and to turn him into a better man.


Ghost of Past[edit]

The Ghost of Past, resembling Toad, appears when Wario is lying in bed, after he had cold-heartedly fired Bomberman out of his shop. The ghost shows Wario two events of his past: First, there is a scene with Baby Mario and Baby Wario on the beach, with the former having lots of friends around, while the latter is all alone due to his meanness. The second event is Mario and Wario's graduation ball. Peach danced only with Mario, because he was much nicer than his rival. After he has seen these events, Wario admits that he has always been a bad man.

Ghost of Present[edit]

The Ghost of Present resembles Link and appears just after the Ghost of Past is gone. He takes Wario to Bomberman as well as Kid Klown and Kirby, all of which he has displeased the day before. After this experience, Wario asks how he can amend his behavior.

Ghost of Future[edit]

The Ghost of Future appears in form of the Grim Reaper, and takes Wario to a toy shop in the future. Two kids are asking for Wario games, but are told that nobody would care about this "nasty guy" anymore. The children agree and decide to buy the latest Super Mario game instead. Finally, the Ghost of Future invites Wario to a graveyard, where he finds his own forsaken grave. The ghost tells Wario what to do, and Wario follows his instructions: He rehires Bomberman, gives cookies to Kirby and Kid Klown, and joins Mario's Christmas party.