Donkey Kong Country (comic)

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Donkey Kong Country (comic) opening page
The opening page

Donkey Kong Country is the name of a 12-page comic in three parts, the first one being published in the 1/1995 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine, the others in the following issues. It is the first one of two comics in the magazine to feature the Donkey Kong franchise (the other one being "Donkey Kong in: Banana Day 24"), and it is based on the game of the same name.


Part One (1/1995)[edit]

Donkey Kong searching for Diddy Kong

Basically, the first part tells the background story of Donkey Kong Country. Donkey Kong throws a party in his house. Several Kongs can be seen having fun. An unnamed Kong asks DK whose turn it is to watch over the banana hoard this night. DK answers that it's Diddy Kong and tells him not to be worried. Diddy, in the meantime, is not very happy with his job and wonders what the other Kongs are doing. Suddenly Diddy notices something in the copse, which turns out to be King K. Rool. He grabs Diddy and puts him into a Barrel, which he throws away afterwards.

The next morning, Cranky Kong enters the cave of the banana hoard, noticing that all the Bananas are missing. Immediately he informs Donkey Kong about the matter. DK is shocked about the missing of the Bananas, but he is even more shocked about the missing of Diddy Kong, admitting that it's all his own fault. He stripes through the jungle to search for his friend. Soon, Donkey Kong finds a DK Barrel. Assuming that there is something inside, he throws it in the air and accidentally drops it, making it open and release Diddy Kong. The Kongs are glad to be reunited and high-five each other. They agree to search for King K. Rool and to recover their stolen supply of Bananas.

Part Two (2/1995)[edit]

DK and Diddy leaving Candy, who has given Squawks to them

As soon as the Kongs start their adventure, they come across an Army. Diddy defeats it by jumping on it. When swinging on a vine soon afterwards, there is a Zinger crossing their way. Donkey Kong calls the Zinger a "muck bee", offending it, and the Zinger prepares to attack. Before it can do so however, DK launches a surprise kicking attack, hurting it and bending its stinger. Next, they come across Candy Kong and her save point. When they tell her of their journey, she gives them Squawks the Parrot to help them in their adventure.

They soon make use of their Animal Friend after entering a dark cave. Soon, however, a blue Kritter attacks DK and Diddy. DK, noticing it, uses his massive shadow on the cave wall, produced by Squawks's lantern, to make himself look huge. The Kritter falls for the trick and gets scared. DK then throws a barrel at the Kremling, defeating it. The trio leave the cave and move forward in their journey. DK and Diddy say farewell and thank you to Squawks as they venture further into the dense jungle.

Part Three (3/1995)[edit]

The fight between King K. Rool and the Kongs

The story resumes with DK and Diddy underwater with their Animal Friend, Enguarde the Swordfish. A Croctopus tries attacking him, only to be electrocuted by a Squidge, who insists that the other Squidges attack the Kongs. The "Chomps police" show up, asking where the suspects are. A Clambo then bites onto one of the Chomps, insisting that it takes care of the Kongs itself. This leads to a full argument between the Chomps, Clambos, Squidges, and Croctopuses. In their dispute, they forget about the Kongs, who use this chance to throw a TNT Barrel at the enemies. The explosion launches the Kongs and Enguarde out of the water and onto the Gangplank Galleon.

Donkey Kong demands that K. Rool return the Bananas to him. K. Rool appears to be surprised and says, "A talking monkey wearing a tie?" He takes off his crown and throws it at the Kongs, who avoid his attack. They run to K. Rool and perform a team attack: Diddy jumps onto King K. Rool's face and Donkey Kong rolls into him. Together they manage to defeat King K. Rool. The story ends with Donkey Kong and Diddy admiring their recovered Bananas in the banana hoard. The ending also hints to a follow-up story.