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Rummelplatzquatsch (English translation: Fairground Nonsense) is the name of a 6-page comic published in the 3/1998 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine. It was made to promote the Game Boy Camera.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

Mario talking to the fortune-teller.

Mario is at a fair that takes place in his hometown. He decides to go to a fortune-teller, expecting to be prophesied a positive future. The fortune-teller has a Game Boy Camera in front of him, claiming that it is capable of foreseeing the future. Mario is skeptical at first, and when the Camera suddenly shows a toilet brush, he is angry and leaves the fortune-teller's tent, trying to prove that the Camera has not told the truth. However, when Mario is looking around, a toilet brush comes right out of the top of the tent and is dashed into the plumber's face. He quickly gets back into the tent, now positive that the Camera is indeed capable of foreseeing the future. The fortune-teller informs him that he can buy the Camera for 500 Mark. Mario does not hesitate and buys it, leaving contentedly. He does not see that the fortune-teller was actually Luigi in disguise who sold a conventional Game Boy Camera for a high price to him.

Mario crashing into a glass plate
Mario expected to win money, but instead he has to pay for the glass plate he crashed into.

Meanwhile, Mario tries out his new Camera which depicts a banknote now. Expecting to become a millionaire now, he starts running enthusiastically across the fairground, not paying attention to his way. He crashes right into a glass plate carried by two people, who demand him to pay for the damage - exactly the price the Camera has shown before. This, however, just encourages Mario to keep believing in what the Camera tells him. Next, he sees a bird on the screen. Mario believes that it is a type of bird that is known to lead people who they like right to a treasure. Spotting a bird in the sky, he tries to call attention to himself, but all this causes is that the bird defecates right onto Mario's head. Still not having lost his trust in the Camera, he looks again, now getting a cake on the screen. He guesses that Peach might have made one for him, but instead a cake is thrown into his face. It turns out that it came from an old man who took part in a game where one's goal is to throw cakes at a clown - he confused Mario for the clown because of his eye-catching clothing. Although disappointed that all the Camera brings him is misfortune, he decides to look at it again. Now it depicts a train. Mario thinks that at least he can not be run over by a train here at the fair, but exactly this happens when the fairground's express train gets out of control a few moments afterwards. Totally angered by the Camera now, Mario decides to go back to the fortune-teller to complain about the device.

Arriving at the tent, he realizes that it was Luigi who sold the Camera to him. Luigi explains that it is just a normal Game Boy Camera that is capable of a lot of things, but not of foreseeing the future. Attempting to prove his point, he turns on the device which depicts Poochy now. In this moment, a pack of dogs enters the tent, all urinating at Luigi. The brothers look at each other and leave the tent terrified, believing that Satan is responsible for this. Indeed, when they drop the Camera, Satan's hand grabs it, and the reader learns that this was the only copy that had fallen into the devil's hands.