Super Mario: Die Verwandlung

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Super Mario: Die Verwandlung (English translation: Super Mario: The Transformation) is the name of a 4-page comic published in the January 1993 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine. It was later reprinted in the January 1996 issue.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario suddenly wakes up after having a nightmare, and lays in his bed feeling "dissolved". As the alarm clock rings, he gets up and heads over to a mirror, discovering the his face has become more pixellated. After a brief search for any missing pixels, Mario calls his GP, Dr. Light, hoping that he can turn him back. Mario puts on a paper bag before hurrying to the office in order to avoid drawing attention; his masked appearance scares most passersby save for a child, who asks his mother if he can get a bag of his own. Mario trips and falls over himself just as he reaches Dr. Light's office, claiming that he hasn't ever run that fast since Princess Toadstool proposed to him. Mega Man lets him in, making fun of the bag on his head.

Sixth panel of page 3. Dr. Light and Mario are shocked about the accidentally creation of Wario.
Wario's creation

As they enter Dr. Light's lab, the doctor absentmindedly confuses him with Link, thinking that he had come to complain about his plastic surgery. Mario takes off his bag, explaining that he had come because of the facial condition he called Dr. Light about earlier. Dr. Light mishears "pixels" as "pimples", and Mega Man appears, suggesting that Mario use "Oil of Mega Man" to deal with dry skin. Dr. Light eventually remembers Mario's problem (but still he calls him "Link"), and devises a plan to deal with it.

Dr. Light straps Mario into a chair, planning to duplicate Mario and then merge him with the clone; unfortunately, the duplication process ends up creating Wario instead, who immediately starts destroying his surroundings and wreaking havoc as he escapes from the lab. The three of them give chase by car, and Mario eventually manages to catch Wario with a net. Together, they lock him up in Dr. Light's lab while the doctor comes up with a new idea. He eventually tells Mario and Wario to take an SNES controller and tells them both to press the Start button at the same time. As they do, Wario disappears and Mario transforms back into his normal self, with even Dr. Light able to recognize Mario again. The telephone suddenly rings, with Luigi on the other end claiming to have turned black and white, eliciting an irritated groan from Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Mario.

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