Super Mario: Die Verwandlung

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Super Mario: Die Verwandlung (English translation: Super Mario: The transformation) is the name of a 4-page comic published in the 1/1993 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine. It was later reprinted in issue 1/1996.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

Mario is lying in his bed, when the alarm clock rings. He wakes up and claims to feel "dissolved" after having a nightmare. A look in the mirror makes him aware of his abnormal appearance: he looks very pixelated now. Mario searches for the pixels in his house. Without finding them, he calls his GP Dr. Light, hoping that he is able to transform him back. On the way to the doctor, Mario puts on a plastic bag in order to not get recognized. This appearance scares the people in the street, only a small boy tells his mother that he wants to get such a bag, too. Totally overhasty, Mario falls down and hardly reaches Dr. Light's office, claiming that he hasn't ever been that fast since Princess Toadstool has proposed marriage to him. Mega Man lets him in, making fun of his headgear.

Wario has been created.

Together they enter Dr. Light's lab, who seems very absentminded, confusing Mario with Link and thinking that he has come to complain about his plastic surgery. Mario takes off his bag and explains that he has actually come because of his pixels. Dr. Light mishears that and thinks Mario is talking about his pimples. Immediately Mega Man appears, suggesting Mario to use "Oil of Mega Man" when suffering from dry skin. Finally, however, Dr. Light remembers Mario's problem (but still he calls him "Link"). His plan is to duplicate Mario and then merge him again. This project fails, since instead of a second Mario, Wario appears. The newly-created man claims to be evil and immediately starts to destroy his surroundings. He runs away but is followed by Mario, Dr. Light, and Mega Man in a car. Mario manages to catch Wario with a net, and together they lock him up in Dr. Light's lab.

The doctor has a new idea to transform Mario and Wario back. He takes his Super Nintendo Entertainment System and tells both to press the Start button at the same time. They follow Light's instructions and his plan actually works: Wario disappears and Mario transforms back into his normal form. Finally, even Dr. Light recognizes Mario again. At the end, the telephone is ringing. It's Luigi, claiming to have turned into black and white. Irritated, Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Mario give a loud moan.

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