Wart steht unter Strom

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The opening panel of Wart steht unter Strom

Wart steht unter Strom (English translation: Wart is tensed up) is the name of a 2-page comic published in the 5/1991 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

The cartoon features Bowser (who is accidentally called Wart) plays some sort of "Super Bowser Land" game with a Game Boy, outside. Seemingly he is just about to finish the game when the batteries of his Game Boy expire. Annoyed, he throws them away, right in front of Mario's shoes, who appears in this moment. He takes Bowser to task and reminds him that batteries are not to be thrown away but to be disposed of in containers. This makes Bowser even angrier, resulting in a fight between the two of them. Bowser, however, soon gets electrified by his batteries which makes Princess Toadstool, who was brought by Mario, sneer at him. In the end, Mario's advice is to use a Battery Set in order to protect the environment. The still flashing Bowser replies that he is just about to get one.


  • The Game Boy game Bowser is playing does not really exist since it seems to feature himself as the protagonist, as seen in one picture.
  • The comic's name is ambiguous, as it can either mean "Wart is tensed up" or "Wart is electrified".

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