Super Mario: Mario im Wunderland

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Mario and Toad stumbling across Kirby in Wonderland
Mario and Toad exploring the new world, while in the next frame finding Kirby.

Super Mario: Mario im Wunderland (English translation: Super Mario: Mario in Wonderland) is the name of a four-page comic published in the 3/1993 issue released in June 1993 of the German Club Nintendo magazine.

Plot synopsis[edit]

In this comic, Mario actually serves as a plumber. A woman calls him, claiming that her flat turned into an aquarium. Putting on his cape and riding Yoshi, Mario sallies to the woman. When he enters her house (Yoshi stays outside), a flood of water comes towards him. Inside, he meets the woman wearing a bathrobe and floating on a small raft. After a short conversation, Mario immerses, trying to find the main valve. However, a whirl catches him and takes him to a different place, directly to a forest road, where a green-shelled Koopa Troopa can be seen. Moreover, Mario's appearance has drastically changed, making him look like a girl with pigtails and a dress (although still retaining his mustache). Mario is confused and wants to get back home, but in this moment a speaking tree, most likely Whispy Woods, tells him to go to the wizard if he wants to get his wish fulfilled. The signpost, however, confuses Mario even more. He does not even realize that he is standing on Toad, a character he does not know yet. Toad tells Mario that he was about to visit the wizard as well (his wish is to be larger), so they move on together. They see a pink ball behind a tree and reckon it as a pillow. However, it turns out to be Kirby who angrily explains that he would like to look like Mega Man. Next, the three of them notice eyes in a bush. This turns out to be a green Yoshi (obviously it is not the same Yoshi which stayed outside the woman's house). Complaining about his green color, Yoshi joins the group.

Fox arrives to the scene to save Mario, Toad, Kirby, and Yoshi from the villains.

When the four friends move on, they suddenly get attacked by Donkey Kong, Wario, and Bowser, who lurked in a bush. They call Mario and his friends "thiefs" and claim that they have stolen their cookies, resulting in a fight. Fox McCloud watches this fight from his spaceship and comes down to Wonderland. When one of the fighters asks who he is, Fox replies that he is "the fox from the TV spot". He scares Donkey Kong, Wario, and Bowser away and disappears again.

Finally, Mario, Toad, Yoshi, and Kirby reach the wizard's castle. The wizard introduces himself as Crab. Immediately, the four friends start to breathe their wishes and Crab fulfills them. Yoshi, who wished a different color, gets a very dark, almost black skin. Toad, who wished to become larger, grows to an enormous size. Finally, Kirby who wanted to not look like a pillow, turns into a toaster. Obviously shocked about the unexpected changes, Mario tells Crab that he only wants to get back home and get rid of his "ridiculous" new clothes. His wish gets fulfilled and he returns to his client's house, lying on the floor. It is a relief to the woman that Mario is alive, however she tells him that he is lying on her cat.


  • Although the comic is called "Mario im Wunderland" (which translates to "Mario in Wonderland"), it is much more like The Wizard of Oz than Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Even the clothes Mario wears are closer to the clothes worn by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz than Alice's.
  • The text of the comic has been rewritten for a re-release. In this version, everything the characters say (except for Mario's text) is written in rhymes, which drives Mario crazy.