Ever-After Hill

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Ever-After Hill
Ever-After Hill
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Moon Kingdom

Ever-After Hill is a location in the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is simple, flat piece of land, consisting of a Checkpoint Flag and a long stretch of carpeted road leading toward the Wedding Hall. Due to not being able to reach this ledge, Mario must make it through the Underground Moon Caverns once to reach this point. The first time Mario crosses the path, bells can be heard ringing from the church, prompting Cappy to push ahead. Once the Moon Kingdom has been returned to normal, a Hat Trampoline appears below Ever-After Hill, providing a shortcut bypassing the caverns.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 永遠の丘
Eien No Oka
Eternal Hill

French (NOA) Colline des voeux éternels
Eternal wishes Hill
French (NOE) Colline éternelle
Eternal Hill
German Der ewige Hügel
The eternal hill
Spanish (NOE) Colina de la Eternidad
Eternity Hill