Ramblin' Evil Mushroom

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Ramblin' Evil Mushroom

First appearance

EarthBound / Mother 2 (1994/1995)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) (Mario franchise)

Effect on player

Mushroomizing other players, flipping their controls.

The Ramblin' Evil Mushroom is an enemy seen in the Mother series that often Mushroomizes Ness and other party members. It appears as an item in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It walks around and can be picked up and used to shoot spores, reversing the hit players' controls while giving them a tiny mushroom on their head, similar to being Mushroomized in their game of origin. The Ramblin' Evil Mushroom also appears as a novice support spirit in said game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Ramblin' Evil Mushroom's page on other NIWA wikis:
Language Name Meaning
Japanese あるくキノコ
Aruku Kinoko
Walking Mushroom
Spanish Hongo andante maligno Walking Evil Mushroom
French Champinocif ambulant Harmful Walking Mushroom
German Gemeiner Laufpilz Mean Walking Mushroom
Italian Fungo malvagio vagante Rambling Evil Mushroom
Russian Злобный проходиновик
Zlobnyi prohodinovik
From злобный (evil) and проходить (to pass by)