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Mario in the Weapon World
“Do you know where this leads to? It looks like Exor's the contact between the two worlds. In other words...... If we follow this road, we'll find Smithy.”
Geno, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

The Weapon World, called Gate on the World Map and Factory by Save Blocks in the original game, is the gloomy world where Smithy and his cohorts resided in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, acting as the entryway between the Factory itself and Bowser's Keep through Exor. The entire world is filled dark smog and half-broken machines floating in a void. It is patrolled by the various Smithy Gang members along with several ghosts.

For the first several rooms, Mario needs to hop across Bolt Lifts while facing Glum Reapers, Ameboids, Doppels, and on very rare occasions Hippopos. On the way, an Ultra Hammer can be found. The path then leads into a fight against an enormous clock named Count Down. After Count Down is defeated, the Gate moves onto several areas filled with Conveyor Belts, upon which Smithy's creations are manufactured, and the occasional gray Block. In the first, the player is introduced to Machine Made versions of the Axem Rangers. In the next, highly accurate Aeros come down from above and the party encounters endless lines of Jabits, Springers, and Machine Made Claymortons and Bodyguards being produced, along with the hammer-like workers Mad Mallets, Pounders, and Poundettes as well as Puppoxes. Further along, the group meets High Boos before encountering a series of Machine Made Bowyers traveling down two separate conveyor belt staircases, with more Machine Made Axem Rangers in between. In the next room, Ninjas patrol while a series of Machine Made Speardovichs land on a gray brick before leaping away. After defeating a Machine Made Speardovich, the brick explodes to open a passage deeper underground. This leads Mario and company directly to a boss battle against Cloaker, Domino and their snake - known as Mad Adder or Bad Adder, depending on which of the bosses is left standing. Once they are defeated, the road to the Factory proper opens.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 武器世界
Buki Sekai
Weapons' World
Dutch Wapenwereld Weapons world
French Monde des Armes Weapons World
German Waffenwelt Weapon World
Italian Mondo delle Armi Weapons World
Korean 무기 세계
Mugi Segye
Weapon World
Spanish Mundo de las Armas Weapons World


  • The music has an unusual time signature of 13/8 (13 quavers [eighth notes] to a bar [measure]).